Is the movie Idiocracy available on Netflix?

Idiocracy Netfllix

The title of the film, originally released in 2006, implies that the form of government in place is based on idiocy. It is immediately clear that this is a satire and that the level will be quite low. However, this is not a stoner film at all, but an invitation to reflection to a certain extent. A bit like Sacha Baron Cohen does in his movies, like Borat, or Steve Carrell with Space Force in Original Netflix

Film Synopsis

The hero is Joe Bauers. He represents the average American, the one who is a bit rural, who has strong ideas and who, for us Europeans, is a UFO in some respects. The scriptwriters plunge this brave man into a position that will lead to many misunderstandings and situations to make people laugh. Indeed, he is chosen as a Pentagon recruit for a top secret hibernation project. He wakes up 500 years later. Except that here, evolution has not played its role and this average American becomes the most intelligent man on the planet.

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He is, of course, not alone, but his sidekick is not the smartest of the bunch either.

Although old, Idiocracy is strangely relevant today

A comedy, a satire, a critique

The film is obviously a comedy; but behind its appearances, the scriptwriters want to amplify the evils of today's society. Hence the repeated use of the term satire to define Idiocracy. On the other hand, it's a movie to turn off your brain and enjoy funny scenes, as you could do when watching a comedy like This is us.

On the script side, there are so many elements that intersect that it gets busy. For example, the science fiction elements to explain the time travel. This is not unlike another movie, available on Netflix: Mytho-Man.

A very current film

When you watch old movies, you sometimes have this time lag. The film is out of fashion, it doesn't fit anymore and even the image seems outdated. With Idiocracy, we manage to get past that thanks to its themes. Indeed, it is strangely actual

The scenaristic acrobatics allow the scriptwriters to get where they want... To denounce a situation. In this case: environmental degradation, overpopulation and promiscuity, commercialism or anti-intellectualism.

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And all this before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram had their influence that they have today!

Can we see Idiocracy on Netflix?

Unfortunately not! It was available for a while, but like many others (The Good Wifefor example), it has already disappeared from the radar.

It's a pity for a movie that became cult with time. Because yes, Idiocracy is a bit of a cult film for some people, since it denounces without restriction the current society.

This status, he got it, despite a lack of marketing around his release, as if he really speaks to many people!


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