Is the movie Get Out available on Netflix?

get out available netflix

Hollywood is capable of producing big budget films that are supposed to be bulldozers in theaters. And then there are those small B-movies that have to be made on a shoestring budget. This is the case for Get Out. Yet, with revenues 60 times its initial budget, it performed ultra well and captured an audience in theaters in 2017, and also potentially streaming on Netflix!

What is the story?

The whole story takes place in a vacuum in the Armitage estate. From the outside, the building is imposing, the inhabitants look financially comfortable and every year, they organize a social evening where all their friends come. It is on the occasion of one of these parties that Rose, the daughter of the couple decides to introduce her new boyfriend, Chris, to her parents.

But when he arrives at this party, the young man has the impression that something is wrong. Indeed, the family hides a heavy secret! And he is a kind of jackpot of a macabre tombola!

As a European, we do not necessarily know the African-Americans who have marked the United States. So it is necessary to make a parenthesis on one of them: Jesse Owens.

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We are in 1936, and Jesse Owens wins the sprint at the Olympic Games held in Germany. And not any Germany since it is that of Adolf Hitler...

In Nazi mythology, the white man is the superior race and a black man cannot prevail over whites.

Here, the film takes this mythology, but manages to divert it. What's more, in a perverse way, by admitting that the black man is a superior race thanks to the feat of Jesse Owens. Thus, the Caucasian must get closer to the ideal, even if it means stealing their body!

Admittedly, the way it unfolds is a bit esoteric, but we're not against a bit of SF in a horror movie either!

In the end, the film manages to pull its weight and to interest the spectator. On the one hand because the script is well put together. On the other hand, because in spite of a small budget, the setting is well done and the actors give their best. Such as Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) whose first main role or Bradley Whitford that we could see in the Scarlet Handmaiden!

Get Out, available on Netflix?

No, Get Out is not available on Netflix. The streaming platform apparently could not negotiate the rights to broadcast this film with the producing company, namely Universal Pictures. However, this does not mean that it will not arrive one day in the catalog. In the meantime, we can catch up on other films of the same genre, such as Escape Game.

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For your information, it is not currently available from Netflix's competitors either.