Is the movie Dune available on Netflix?

dune available netflix

Dune is the movie sensation of 2021. Bringing sci-fi back to the forefront and brilliantly taking over from Star Wars. But how many people know that Dune and Star Wars share the same origin. You could almost compare them to cousins.

What is the story?

If Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far away a long time ago, Dune takes place in the future. At the center of the story is a planet, Arrakis. It is powerful and formidable, because it has a non-negligible advantage over the rest of the planets. It is there that we find the Spice. It is a drug that allows to prolong human life. Fans of Star Wars will notice that Arrakis, also known as Dune, is very similar to a certain Tatooine. What's more, Spice is also a product found on Tatooine, and it's much talked about in Boba Fett. In short, the similarities start to come together.

It should also be noted that the planet is part of an Empire, soberly named the Imperium, whose entire power is based on the trade of this spice, which is also necessary for interstellar travel.

As the film progresses, we will notice that the elements of the film are inspired by the same elements as those of Star Wars. However, the latter is a much freer adaptation of the original material, namely the novel Dune by Frank Herbert.

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Dune is therefore more faithful to the original work and better respects the lines drawn by the writer. Moreover, in order to respect the material as much as possible, the producers split the film into two parts so that they could fit all the elements in. Let's not blame them, Star Wars is a trilogy!

To animate this whole universe, a cast is needed. And heavy are the shoulders under the weight of the responsibilities. That of not betraying the novel, nor the film of David Lynch (yes, it is a remake).

Thus, we find well-known actors such as Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight, or Poe Dameron from Star Wars), Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis), Game of Thrones), but also Zendaya, Charlotte Rampling, David Bautista (Army of the Dead), Javier Bardem, etc. A great group of people.

Dune, available on Netflix?

Unfortunately no, Netflix is not available on Netflix.

It is also not known if the platform has purchased the broadcast rights. And therefore, if the film will soon be available in streaming. The same goes for the other platforms that are Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

One thing is for sure, it is that a masterpiece of this type rarely stays at the bottom of the bins. It is therefore very likely that one or the other platform will manage to negotiate the broadcasting rights. The biggest obstacle at the moment is undoubtedly the price of the broadcasting rights.