Is the Watchmen movie available on Netflix?

watchmen available netflix

If you're tired of Marvel's superheroes, Netflix's superheroes or the new attempts to create superheroes, you can easily go back to a movie released a few years ago, Watchmen. In this one, heroes are part of everyday life... But you still have to know where you can watch this movie!

What is the story?

Watchmen is a project that had trouble getting off the ground. There are these projects that are passed from hand to hand, that are put on the back burner before being relaunched, then that are postponed before becoming priorities again. Watchmen is a typical example. And in general, when there are such gestations, the result is often disappointing.

In the case of Watchmen, the term disappointing is not at all appropriate. One should rather speak of a mixed success or a divisive film. Indeed, the film has deeply divided the critics. As much as some people loved it, others find it overrated. Everyone will have to make their own opinion.

The fact remains that Watchmen, released in 2009, is directed by Zack Snyder. And as we know, Zack Snyder likes to do things a little bit different. Those who have seen Justice League will recognize some common elements. In this respect, one could almost say that Watchmen is the pilot project, the laboratory of Snyder before tackling superheroes like Aquaman, Superman, Batman, etc.

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It should also be noted that Watchmen is a comic book that is successful in the USA, even if in Europe the phenomenon is little known.

Still, Watchmen is a film that takes place in 1985 in an alternate reality. In this one, superheroes are commonly accepted (a bit like in the Marvel universe). For example, the Americans won the Vietnam War. Notably thanks to the help of a superhero.

But it is not because we have known the glory that we can not fall from its pedestal. And that's what's happening as the Congress is making the masked heroes illegal, while tensions with the Soviet bloc are at their highest. The apocalypse has never been so close and we have never needed superheroes so much!

Watchmen, available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Watchmen is not available on Netflix. No need to search on other platforms either, it is not in the catalog. Probably because of the legal conflict between Warner Bros and 20 th Century Fox.

Fans of Zack Snyder will feel a little disappointed and rightly so. But never mind, Netflix offers us other titles from the same director. There is the famous Justice League, interesting on many levels while being relatively confusing for some. And then, there is the latest zombie movie Army of the Dead. Here again, the approach is interesting on several levels. Especially since Zack Snyder dares a totally different approach from his masterpiece Dawn of the Dead.