Are the Indiana Jones movies available on Netflix?

indiana jones

A true cinematographic monument, Indiana Jones is adventure, humor, a small dose of romance and always great villains fought by Harrison Ford with a whip. Between cult film and sequel, is it possible to binge-watch the film series on Netflix?

What is the story?

Indiana Jones is above all a cult saga, carried by Harrison Ford and filmed by Steven Spielberg, at least for the first one. It features an adventurer in the grip of great villains. Worthy of the films of the 1980s, the hero is handsome, young and muscular. What better icon of the 80s than Harrison Ford. He was one of the star actors of the time and it must be said that between Star Wars, Dirty Harry and Indiana Jones, the man has carved out a career among the biggest names in cinema.

Facing him, what better than the villains we all love to hate: Nazis. Even if the Nazis are not present in all the opuses, they are in two of the first three films. These are Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Each time, mystical elements enrich the story. Indeed, each time it is a quest for a religious object, a relic, which will confer supernatural powers. Whether it is the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail... The idea is to make the Reich all powerful. Of course, as a good defender of freedom, the American hero manages to get out of the knot unscathed and to defeat the vile projects of his enemies.

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The direct sequel to the first film, The Temple of Doom, sends our hero hat in hand to India. Probably the least appreciated of the original films, it has a really different atmosphere. More heavy, more confined, with less sympathetic nemeses, the film marks the step. Otherwise, why would we have gone back to the Nazis in 3.

More recently, Hollywood saw fit to release a sequel, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The film made a decent release, but it's taking a beating with an aging Harrison Ford, an unconvincing Shia Labeouf and action that's too fast and much more improbable for an Indiana Jones.

Finally, in 2023, a fifth opus is to be released of which little is known.

Indiana Jones, available on Netflix?

Alas no, Indiana Jones and its 4 movies are not available on Netflix in 2022. Until 2021, the first 3 films of the saga were available. But they disappeared from the catalog, probably because of unacquired broadcasting rights. For all that, we can't find the different films on the other streaming platforms that are Amazon Prime Video and Disney+...

However, with the upcoming release of a new Indiana Jones movie, there is no doubt that the various platforms will be fighting for broadcasting rights to these films.


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