The night we saved mom, what about it?

the night we saved mom

Summer is always an opportunity for Netflix to release movies aimed at a younger audience. This is the case with cartoons. The Mitchellfor example. Here, it is a film for children and pre-teens. Curiously, it reminded us of Baby-Sittor with Vin Diesel...

What is it about?

A long time ago, she was a gang member and carried out high-profile burglaries. Today, she is "retired." Understand that she is in the witness protection program. A new life, with two children for whom she gives her all. You can't imagine a more radical life change.

Except that by dint of volunteering and participating in activities, the former employers of this strange housewife recognize her...

Entangled in a new robbery, it is her children (who discover the pot in the roses) who will save mom. Yes: the title is quite revealing of the denouement of the film, and we can't help it!

What we think

Looking at the reviews on the net, the film has not received a demented reception. Quite the opposite. That said, it remains a family movie, affordable for the youngest and which is not rude. The plot is quite clear, which allows them to understand the different twists and turns.

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Let's face it, if you look at the scenario a little too closely, you'll be critical very quickly. But it's clearly the kind of movie that allows you to put your brain on hold and enjoy a pleasant moment with your family