The Old Man, the Disney+ counter-attack

The Old Man

The Old Man has nothing to do with the Star Wars universe! It is true that putting Counterattack and Disney + in the same title may seem misleading. It is not. The Old Man is an action movie starring Jeff Bridges and exploiting the thread of spy movies.

This is where Disney+ strikes back! Indeed, a short time ago, Netflix made a great success with its action movie The Gray Man. It must be said that between the perfected script and the choice casting, the passage of the film in the top 10 was not in doubt.

As a result, Disney+ had to react. It is The Old Man that takes on this task. The film will probably be a success, but it will be constantly compared to its alter ego with which it does not share much.

The points of similarity can be seen directly in the synopsis of the film... It is the story of a former CIA agent, Dan Chase. He has ended his career and is on the run. He is therefore wanted and spends his life avoiding showing himself too much. But now he discovers that he has an assassin on his tail... And he plans to escape him.

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Unlike Gray Man, the film is not all action. The role of Dan is played by Jeff Bridges. The actor is an icon, but he is getting on in years. So he will work more on his experience to escape death rather than facing it head on or at full throttle on a motorcycle.

The rhythm is therefore quite different, but adapted to the story, which is also based on a best-seller.

The film is released on September 28 for those who want to see Jeff Bridges again or just to enjoy a good movie!