The pages of anguish, a film to scare yourself

the pages of netflix angst

With a lot of titles horror / horror in the catalog, Netflix has plenty to delight fans. But that's no reason not to offer new content. Pages of Anguish is among the new additions Netflix will offer this month on this theme.

What it says

The film is based on a children's book written by J.A. White. So we know the story before the movie starts, even if the film adaptations sometimes contain surprises compared to the original medium.
Alex is a New York boy. He knows all about scary stories. Except that one day, he is imprisoned in his apartment by an evil witch. Another prisoner of the witch, Yasmin. And if he is imprisoned, it is not for nothing. It is precisely because he knows scary stories. To survive another night, he must tell a new one... Yasmin will help him to stay alive...

The pages of anguish offer a parenthesis of horror

What we think

The film is not bad in itself, even if it sometimes lacks imagination and sometimes resorts to too crude strings... Nevertheless, for a Netflix production, it remains up to the expectations we place in it.

The film is also the opportunity to find an actress that the general public loves, Krysten Ritter. We know her for her role as a girlfriend in Breaking Bad, and more recently for her role as Jessica Jones in the series of the same name. The children are played by budding actors that we haven't had the opportunity to see much yet. However, we hope to see them again very soon in other roles.

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