The people We hate at the wedding, a comedy-drama by Amazon Studios

The people We hate at the wedding

The feature film is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Grant Ginder. For Amazon Studios, which is behind the project, it is Claire Scanlon who took on the task of adapting it to the big screen. To do this, she had the help of the huge budgets that the streaming platform has.

Without being revolutionary, the film has a small effect. Indeed, the theme of the family dysfunctional has already been tackled 100 times if not more by Hollywood studios. Here, the action takes place at a wedding, the perfect opportunity for a family to settle scores and work things out at this big event. All of this promises a few laughs.

So as not to miss anything, the wedding takes place in the English countryside. The one that is a bit posh and totally out of step with America where Alice and Paul come from. The brother and sister have a hard time getting along with this English half-sister who is much richer than they are.

Kristen Bell and Ben Platt play Alice and Paul respectively. While Cynthia Addai-Robinson is the half-sister and Allison Janney her mother.

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