The princess of Chicago returns!

princess of chicago

In this new installment titled "In Search of the Star," the Chicago princess returns for the third time on Netflix.

After 2018 and 2020, Netflix is about to launch the third film around this story of Christmas. The original film with Vanessa Hudgens has already reached a certain level of notoriety and this is what Netflix is counting on for this new version!

It all begins when a young Chicago pastry chef and a princess discover that they are as alike as can be. The former dreams of a royal daughter while the latter despairs at the idea of being able to live something other than the mundane in the Kingdom of Belgravia. It doesn't take much for the pitch to string together funny situations, with a real background. Far from the cliché Christmas movie that we know only too well, The Princess of Chicago has really won over its audience.

This third film is the proof. And this time again, the princess will have a lot to do. The real and the fake princess will have to organize together a big Christmas party in the palace. To make this party even more magical, the Vatican lends them the Star of Peace. It is very valuable, but it is (inevitably) stolen... Without the help of the police, they call on a renowned thief, Fiona.

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Unsurprisingly, to get the star, they will have to swap places.

In the end, the film will probably delight its intended audience and will most certainly live up to expectations. A good winter evening in front of Netflix in anticipation!