The return of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Massacre with a chainsaw

It is not, or no longer, HalloweenBut that didn't stop Netflix from acquiring the broadcasting rights to one of the most gory franchises in horror cinema: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Let's be clear, we are talking about the concept and therefore a new sequel.

For those who have never heard of it, it's all in the title! The original dates from 1974 and takes place in a small, isolated Texas town. Life in the town revolves around a slaughterhouse, which unfortunately closes its doors. One of the employees, Thomas Hewitt takes revenge by killing his boss. And, when the sheriff comes to arrest him, Thomas' uncle shoots him and takes the sheriff's badge. The Hewitt family can now rule this fading town. All they need is the meat that the slaughterhouse no longer provides. But they'll be busy cutting it up directly from the tourists passing through the town.

40 years after its slasher debut, Leatherface returns to Netflix

Leatherface, the famous killer will have a new movie. However, Netflix has not yet released any information on the subject. The cast is known, but no visuals are available, not even a trailer, and even less a release date (probably end of 2022).

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Netflix is also clear on one subject: this will not be a remake, but a direct sequel. It remains to be seen where exactly this film will be situated on the chronological line which is composed of 9 films!