The Swan Song, love despite illness

swan song

Of all the streaming platforms, Apple TV+ is the service that offers the least new content. Not many movies, but a certain quality in the offer. Soon, the movie Swan Song will be released on December 17.

No particular plot or twists to expect. It is above all a drama and the viewer will be able to follow the evolution of the characters, their mental strength and the difficult decisions to be taken. Indeed, this is the story of Cameron, played by Mahersala Ali, who is fighting against the disease. He doesn't really fight anymore, by the way, since he is terminally ill. In fact, he chooses to take care of those he loves to spend his last days and weeks alive. An introspection that will make him realize how much life is worth living in order to enjoy those he loves. In spite of the drama that is coming, he remains resolutely optimistic...

For the film, the producers have not skimped on the casting. In the lead role, we find, of course, Mahersala Ali. The actor is not an unknown, given his filmography. We have already seen him in Luke Cage (Cottonmouth), House of Cards (Remi Danton), or the 4400 a little longer ago! To support him, Namoie Harris, and Glenn Close whose performances seem very convincing! Finally, we will mention the names of Awkwafina and Adma Beach who complete the casting.

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If the movie won't necessarily get you on Apple TV+, it still proves that it's an up-and-coming service with great resources!