The Tomorrow War, Prime Video's good move

the tomorrow war

A good move for Amazon Prime Video to add this sci-fi film to its catalog. It wasn't originally planned, but as the outlets dried up, the Paramount film is making its way to small screens rather than theaters. The release is scheduled for July 2nd.

The pitch

The science fiction film takes place in the near future. In 2051, an alien invasion wipes out the Earth. Travelers from the future come back in 2021 to alert humanity and ask for reinforcements. Among these reinforcements, soldiers, but also civilians. Civilians who will play a leading role alongside scientists and the military to offer a real future to the Earth.

In the cast, we find a good range of actors, some more famous than others. The locomotive of the film is Chris Pratt who illustrates himself in his role of a high school teacher, half lost, but full of determination...

Do we watch or do we zap?

A film that is definitely worth watching, alone or with the family. And maybe with friends, in the meantime... Of course, you have to like the science-fiction, futuristic genre, as with The Old Guard. That said, if you are not familiar with this type of film, you will have difficulty getting hooked.

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Afterwards, the script flows and the actors play their roles and are able to captivate the audience. What's more, this is not a film with a rushed script made in a small studio. Even though this is Chris McKay's first film, Paramount has financed it for tens of millions of dollars. It is the summer blockbuster that should fill theaters for several weeks. We understand better why Amazon Studio, to get it on Prime Video, agreed to pay 200 million dollars!