The wandering walls, a Japanese anime

The wandering walls

The new season on Netflix also includes the addition of a Japanese anime for fans of the genre. In this case, it is "The Wandering Walls", a anime promising fantasy that transports the viewer into a world of its own.

The release date is September 16 and there is no doubt that many subscribers will be there to make it into the top 10 most streamed titles.

As much of a blockbuster as it claims to be, it is also worked on. Because it is not just an empty content that comes to fill the Netflix catalog. It is a promising title that has a cleverly worked plot with several levels of reading.

For this is the story of Kosuke and Natsume, two childhood friends who grew up in the same building. Their paths separate before they meet again by chance, as Kosuke sneaks into an abandoned building. From there begins a dreamlike journey on the said building which floats in the ocean. It is the metaphor of the spiritual journey that the two children accomplish to find each other, but especially to move forward in life.

As you can see, there is something for everyone, children and adults alike.

However, you will have to wait a few more days to discover this feature film and enjoy it with the whole family.

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