The Woman in the Window, a new Netflix thriller

the woman at the window

Shortly after the release of his horror film In the Dead AnglesNetflix continues its momentum with a new thrilling thriller that is reminiscent of the master of the genre himself; Casting Amy Adams who manages to transcend both her character and the story itself in this huis-clos.

The pitch

Amy Adams plays Anna Fox, a psychologist. She uses her skills to help children. The only problem in her life is that she is agoraphobic. She lives in New York, alone in her house and does not leave it. Her window on the world is her window. One day, she starts spying on a model family that has just moved in across the street from her house. She then witnesses a horrible crime.

Then begins this dilemma between his own fears that prevent him from moving forward and the need to bear witness to this tragedy.

If the film takes place mainly in the home of Anna Fox, which gives this angsty thriller aspect, the space is also well filled by many talented actors who parade. We can mention Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie. All big names in cinema.

Do we watch or do we skip?

For Hitchcock fans, it is a must-see. Indeed, the title draws many references from the work Window on Court, from which it already borrows part of the title. We also detect the work in many shots, in some lines. All this, without making a pastiche or a remake as such. But the source is there. In fact, the level of the film is quite high. And even if Netflix presents it as an exclusive, the film was indeed to be released in theaters; Hence an explanation for this casting so high! Casting that we regret not to see more highlighted throughout the scenes.

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Finally, we particularly appreciate this posture of inferiority in which Amy Adams slips into to play a difficult role.