Nate's World, an initiation quest to be experienced on Disney+.

Nate's world

Nate's World is the adaptation of a best-seller of the same name. As is often the case, the screenwriters went to a book to find a story to facilitate the writing of a screenplay. That said, the book having been a hit, there is no reason why the film should not appeal.

In this movie, Nate is a 13 year old boy. He wants to become an actor at all costs when he grows up. A vocation that his parents do not approve of. So he takes advantage of his parents' absence to go, alone, to New York. His best friend Libby accompanies him on his journey. This trip is an opportunity for him to prove to everyone, especially his parents, that he can succeed on Broadway.

If the story is not the most original, the different stages of the film are a pilgrimage that shows that one can reach far thanks to ambition and determination. A way to underline that dreams are not always unattainable!

For the role of Nate, the producers have chosen Rueby Wood, still unknown to the general public. This does not prevent to find Lisa Kudrow (Friends, Space Force) and Aria Brooks. Finally, Tim Federle, who is responsible for High School Musical, is in charge of the direction.

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A film to discover since this 1er April.