It will be a privilege to be scared on Netflix

the privilege

Yes, with a play on words, since this is the film The Privilege which is to be released on February 9! What's more, it's a German production, which promises some good scares. Well, it doesn't reach the level of what the Koreans or the Japanese can produce, but the thrills will certainly be there!

Go to a private school. No, it's not Elite, but the setting is somewhat identical. There is Finn, the main hero. He is a rich teenager who has no problems in life. He has friends, he is well integrated, etc. The only downside is the impression that he is being chased by a strange curse... Indeed, on closer inspection, there are, as it were, strange and supernatural events.

It is thus quite naturally that he will launch out in the resolution of this mystery!

Maybe he shouldn't have... Because behind the image of a perfect family, the truth is quite different!

The cast includes many well-known actors, some of whom have already appeared in other productions: Max Schimmelpfennig, Roman Knižka, Lise Risom Olsen, Lea van Acken. All produced by Markus Zimmer.

The Privilege is pleased to invite all film lovers to a meeting on February 9 horror !

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