Thunder Force, the latest funny comedy from Netflix

Thunder Force

It is difficult to qualify Thunder Force. The easiest way to describe it would be to say that you either like it or you don't like it, but that it will not leave anyone indifferent. The film has a pitch that sums up in three lines and that is mostly used as an excuse to chain the gags together. A bit like of Idiocracybut without having a message on the substance.

It must be said that with Melissa McCarthy in the lead role, it is difficult to hold a line. Indeed, the actress is mostly known for her ability to improvise. A bit like a De Funès would have done at the time, but with the mythical side less.

Myth, let's talk about it, since the film follows two friends, one of whom is a proven scientist, and the other a goofball. A goofball who will commit a blunder by inoculating herself with superpowers, which makes the two friends Wonder Women. Of course, on the other side, we find a villain, worthy of an Austin Powers, but that we like to see from time to time. A little anecdote, one of the sidekicks of the super-villain (the one with the bad running gag) is the director of the film. And also, incidentally, Melissa McCarthy's husband... His name : Ben Falcone.

Thunder Force, a funny comedy

In the role of the villain, we find Bobby Cannavale. An actor quite known thanks to his face and who turns in a lot of series. The last one we can remember is Homecoming with Julia Roberts on Prime Video. The cast is also enriched with the presence of Jason Bateman who had already worked with the actress on the set of Pay-Per-View.

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By dint of all these coincidences, we end up wondering if this isn't a buddy movie, to which Netflix would have given its blank check... But it's between buddies that we have the most fun. Something that the audience feels through the screen.