Is Top Gun available on Netflix?

Top Gun

Top Gun is one of the mythical films with Tom Cruise. The ones that forge a career and a worldwide reputation. The ones that are still talked about as a reference 30 years later. So, inevitably, you must see or have seen it!

What is the story?

Released in 1986, Top Gun is an action movie directed by Tony Scott starring Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer. We can really say that this movie is the one that made Tom Cruise the star he is today.

The action begins in the Indian Ocean. We are in the middle of the Cold War. During a patrol, two American F-14s come across Soviet Mig-28s. The fight begins and the Americans take the upper hand. But the American pilot leading the group is in shock. Against orders, his wingman returns to help him get home.

The wingman is Tom Cruise, "Maverick" in the film. Always supported by "Goose", his navigator. He is a bit of a hothead that the officers don't like. Except that after this airplane trip, they are forced to send him to a flying school to perfect his skills, instead of his leader!

In this training center, he finds himself in a team, whose rivalry with another group soon escalates. The climax is the test to determine who is the Top Gun, the best pilot of the selection. It is also in this base that Pete "Maverick" Mitchell meets Carole Bradshaw (Meg Ryan) and that a romance begins.

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Proof that the film has really passed into the series of cult films is that it has its own parody. Namely, Hot Shots. This movie takes a lot of scenes from Top Gun to parody them. A bit like Scary Movie did with the Scream series!

Top Gun, the film that launched Tom Cruise's career

Top Gun, available on Netflix?

For fans of action, aviation and aerial combat, yes, Top Gun is available on the online streaming platform.

Its addition to the catalog dates back to the beginning of 2021 and follows the acquisition of the broadcast rights, by Netflix, from Paramount Pictures.

The feature film allows Netflix to hold yet another nugget in its catalog. And while it's not a film that will necessarily attract new subscribers, it does offer some great content!

This is not the only movie with Tom Cruise that Netflix has. There are also Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report, Barry Seal, Jack Reacher or some Mission Impossible in the catalog of the American platform.

As for Hot Shots, it is not available on Netflix, nor on Amazon Prime Video. However, it is on Disney +, for those who want to see the great Charlie Sheen!