A great dad, what do you think?

a great dad

It's not every day that we see Kevin Hart trying his hand at dramatic comedy. The actor has, indeed, easier to make his audience cry with laughter than to make them cry at all! However, a great dad is in the latter category.

What is it about?

Kevin Hart is a father. Everything is going well in his family until the day his wife dies. He finds himself alone and has to assume a role he never had to play before, that of a parent.

The discovery of this world is abrupt and he will make many mistakes before logically managing to have a close-knit family.

The film is inspired by a true story. And it is not the only one. Reading the pitch of the film, we inevitably thought of many other films that exploit the thread. In the same register, there is "Father and Daughter" with Ben Affleck. In comedy, we can think of "The Game Plan" with Dwayne Johnson. So many films where fathers discover their role as parents.

What we think

Without revolutionizing the genre, the film touches the audience. We oscillate between more comical moments and less funny reversals. And, finally, it is a nice movie to watch with the family to spend a pleasant evening.

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What is most surprising is to see Kevin Hart take on this kind of role. He is more used to comedies and light roles (Jumanjietc.). However, his performance does not disappoint. Especially since he is the only engine of the film!