Yes Day, the good mood Netflix movie of the moment

yes day netflix

2021 is a year that starts on rather dull notes. But not for Netflix which graces us with an excellent Originals named Yes Day. Not long, 86 minutes, the comedy is aimed at the whole family and the youngest will certainly find a lot of things they would have liked, or would like, to do.

Today, everything is allowed

Miguel Arteta's script is not the most consistent, but it allows to create a lot of funny situations. Simply put, Allison and Carlos Torres are parents. They would like their children to do chores and get better grades. Okay! But in exchange, they'll have to agree to all of their kids' requests for 24 hours. Sound familiar? Maybe the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man where he also finds himself having to say "yes" to all requests. Yes, the theme has been revisited. But it still makes you smile!

This is followed by an hour and a half of funny tricks like going through the car wash with the windows open or doing an ice cream eating contest.

In addition to Miguel Arteta behind the camera, we also find Jennifer Garner as the locomotive of the film. We like to see this actress again, too little present in major films, a bit like Katherine Heigl. But in addition to her title role, she is also the producer of the film. To support her, Edgar Ramirez who surprises by his role in a comedy, he who plays rather in dramas.

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In the end, it's the right movie to watch with your family on a rainy afternoon or in the evening, sprawled on the couch with popcorn, on a Saturday night when you don't know what to do!