Hostile zone : the opinion of the internet users

Hostile Zone

Freshly landed in the Netflix catalog (this January 15, 2021), Hostile Zone has already been able to create a small community of fans. The film is particularly well received by fans of action films. Because this is the audience that this film will seek. An audience that had already been able to appreciate films like Underground 6 (with Ryan Reynolds) and The Old Guard (with Charlize Theron).

With this new sensational movie, Netflix proves once again that they are capable of producing and directing interesting movies that can compete with theaters.

The scenario is set in the near future, in a country plagued by insurgents. Between them and the army is an apocalyptic device capable of wiping out everything. The mission of Harp, a drone pilot, and Leo, the droid officer, is simple: to get their hands on the device before the enemy.

If the scenario seems light, the special effects and the action are well and truly there. The only problem is Anthony Mackie who plays Leo in the main role. More used to supporting roles (Hawkman in Avengers, among others), does he have the broad shoulders to conquer the critics and make up for the script's shortcomings:
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