Who is Alexxis Lemire?

Alexxis Lemire

Alexxis Lemire is a young actress who was revealed thanks to the latest Netflix teen drama directed by Alice WU: "If you knew". Very young, she is only 24 years old... She was born on May 30, 1996 in New Hampshire, in Londonberry, to a Puerto Rican mother and a French father. Her career began in 2016 when she started to get her first roles alongside her modeling career.

The first role of her career is in a Disney series: The Bio Teens. She only appeared for 2 episodes, but it was enough to launch her career. She then played minor roles in TV movies ("The other mother", "Truth and Dare" and "The Art of Murder"). These were not translated for foreign markets. But the recognition really comes only with her role in "If you knew." In the near future, she will play Chloe McPherson in the film Cerebrum, whose release date has yet to be announced.

Of her short career, Alexxis Lemire emphasizes the difficulty of finding roles when you don't fit into a box. She says of herself that she is "too Latina for a Caucasian role and too Caucasian to play a Latina."

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On the side heart, we know him a history with Jake Short that she met on the shooting of Bio Teens. Their history seems nevertheless finished.

Alexxis Lemire in "If you knew

If you knew, the key role of Alexxis Lemire

Available for streaming since 1er May, the film has already made a lot of talk. The pitch is very simple. A young girl agrees to help her friend write love letters to the girl he loves. But this help is going to upset her when she realizes that she also falls in love with this girl.

Even if it is aimed at teenagers (hence the classification as a teen drama) with a light tone, the subjects addressed are very serious. On the program, the quest for oneself and the search for one's identity. However, the romantic story takes a back seat.

Of course, we find the big guns in the scenario, as well as in the characters. We have a nerd who is always in the background, a sportsman and a popular girl. This last one, Aster Flores, is played by Alexxis Lemire.

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