Who is Andrea Duro?

Andrea Duro

Known as the white wolf in Spain, she is still, sometimes, an unknown here. Indeed, her roles in Iberian productions have multiplied until she reached the status of star. A status that she is in the process of obtaining here too.

Not least because of his latest roles. Think, for example, that of Aledis in La Catedral del Mar distributed by Netflix and which allowed him to become known abroad. A Spanish series among other on Netflix. However, this is not his first interpretation, far from it!

Andrea Duro plays in Xtremo

In Spain, it is her participation in the cast of Physics and Chemistry that makes her known. 6 seasons in total! In addition, she played in several films such as Three Meters Above the Sky and other series such as Gran Hotel and The Secret.

Andrea Duro has a professional training in theater school. A training that she followed in parallel with a career as a model. Not bad for a girl born in Fuenlabrada, near Madrid, October 14, 1991 ...

Today, she is rather well recognized, as well as her talent, in the artistic world. This has already allowed her to win several awards. Perhaps one of the reasons that allowed her to appear in his latest film: Xtremo.

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