Who is Christopher Abbott?

Christopher Abbott

Christopher Abbot is an American actor born on 1er February 1986 in Connecticut. He then moved to the state of New York. The American actor of Italian origin is mainly known for two roles. The one that he held in the dramatic series Girls with his role of Charlie Dattolo. And for his role of Mason Tannetti in The Sinner.

But his career is not limited to these two successes. He is also an accomplished stage actor with numerous roles in Broadway and off-Broadway productions. His talent is well known in the New York scene!

Christopher Abbott, a New York actor

His career starts in 2011 with minor roles in various New York productions. But this allows him to learn on the ground. Thus he will land, in 2012, a crucial role in the series Girls. The latter will be renewed until 2016. This does not prevent him from turning in other productions, generally obtaining 2 to 3 roles per year in films.

Recently, he appeared in the cast of The Sinner. A series where he could rub shoulders with Bill Pullman.

In 10 years, he has managed to build a nice filmography. This has earned him no less than a dozen nominations and awards in various events. Often, they are related to his acting talents, such as "Best Actor", or "Best Casting."

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