Who is David Alexander Sjøholt?

David Alexander Sjøholt

David Alexander Sjøholt is better known as David Stakston. He was born on November 22, 1999 in North Carolina. But he defines himself as a Norwegian-American actor because of his ancestry. Moreover, if he is known, it is mainly for the role he plays in a Norwegian series: Skam. For this one, as well as for the series Ragnarok.

If he breaks through in Norwegian cinema, it is not because he is American. It's because he spent part of his youth in Oslo, Norway. Going through auditions, he ended up getting a role in 2015. At just 16 years old, he made his debut in one of the most followed series in Norway: Skam. Very popular, it has forged a reputation and a beginning of filmography.

David Alexander Sjøholt, a Norwegian actor turned star

Moreover, this success in a teen drama was not foreign to his recruitment in another series. Ragnarok. Even darker, he plays the character of Magne Seier. In a small town plagued by climate change, lost in western Norway and where industrial pollution is intense, Thor is reincarnated as Magne Seier. The series is the third Norwegian series to be produced by Netflix.

At just 20 years old, the youngster's filmography is not much longer, but it promises a bright future.

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