Who is Lauren German?

Lauren German

Lauren German, whose real name is Lauren Christine German, was born on November 29, 1978 in Huntington Beach. The locality is located in California. She is mainly known for her role as Lieutenant Decker in the Netflix series. But this is far from being her only role.

Her career first began on television with the series Undressed. From 2001, we find her in the series 7 at home, but during this period, it is mainly the cinema that will carry his career. Indeed, she gets many roles in the early 2000s. As such, she is named as the 47th most beautiful woman in the world by Maximal magazine. Among the films she shot, we can mention the Chainsaw Massacre, where she plays a teenager. It is this kind of role that she will be entrusted. Secondary roles that do not allow to build a real career in cinema.

Lauren German, the famous Lieutenant Decker

Then, in 2011, she enters the cast of Hawai 5-0, a successful series. She is noticed in his role and is engaged on the set of Chicago Fire. She plays Leslie Elisabeth Shay. Via crossovers, she then also appears in Chicago P.D.

Then, in 2016 came the consecration with his role as the main character in the series LuciferShe will end up falling in love with the devil himself.

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