Who is Mickey Sumner?

Mickey Sumner

Mickey Sumner, whose real name Bridget Michaela Sumner, was born on January 19, 1984 in London. The British actress is none other than the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. Sting, leader of the band The Police and who also has a superb solo career, is no longer presented. His wife, on the other hand, is less known. She is an actress and producer.

Mickey Sumner is also the sister of Coco Sumner, a heckler and songwriter, as well as Joe Sumner, her half-brother, who is also a singer.

Mickey Sumner plays Bess Till in the TV series The Snowman

Mickey Sumner's career began in 2009 with secondary roles. The consecration comes very quickly with the film Frances Ha released in 2013 and CBGB in 2014. She has more important roles that allow her to gain some notoriety.

There followed appearances over the years in various productions. Until the day she manages to enter the cast of the Netflix series Snowpiercer. In this television series, she plays Bess Till, one of the main roles. She plays alongside Daveed Diggs, among others.

On TV, this is not the only successful series in which she appears as she also made an appearance in The Borgias in 2011.

Her personal life is not media-friendly. She has been married to Chris Kantrowitz since July 2017, a wedding celebrated in Tuscany. From this union was born a son, Akira Rogue.

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