Who is Nadia de Santiago?

Nadia De Santiago

Nadia de Santiago is a 31 years old Spanish actress (born on January 3, 1990) who already has a great career behind her. It is necessary to say that her beginnings are made when she is not yet 10 years old. At that time, she presented programs like "El submarino Azul" (the blue submarine) and "Aquatrix"; programs for children.

Her first real role was in "Javier ya no sole vivo", a telenovela that was broadcast on telecinco and in which she appeared in 26 episodes. She continues to play roles in series. That's how we find her in "Hospital Central", "Ana y los siete" or "El comissario". All this allows her to build a good reputation while she has not yet reached his majority.

Even better, she will be noticed by Disney Channel and will get a role in "Combio de clase" (Change of class). A decisive role and the first real role as a main actor that she gets. From 2006 to 2009, she will shoot 69 episodes with the series.

Nadia De Santiago with the actresses of Les Demoiselles du téléphone

His roles in the series "Amar

Then comes the series Amar en tiempos revueltos, a series of the Televisión Española. It is a bit like our Plus Belle La Vie. Nadia de Santiago plays the character of Asunción Muñoz until the end of the series. In total, she will play in more than 500 episodes and will really reveal her to the public.

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The series was cancelled by the channel because it did not attract enough viewers. But the concept was picked up by Antena 3, another Spanish channel. And the adventure for the characters will continue in the new series, "Amar es para siempre." From 2013 to 2015, she shoots 469 episodes in which she takes over the role of Asunción Muñoz. She will stop after 3 seasons.

In parallel, she plays in other series episodic roles. This is the case in "Sofia", "Punta escarlata" or "El ministerio del tiempo" and "El Caso" after 2015.

Netflix recognition

In 2017, Netflix decided to launch an original series, "The Telephone Girls" (Las chicas del cable). The 5-season series follows the adventures of 4 young Madrid switchboard operators in search of independence in the 1920s. Nadia de Santiago plays one of the main roles.

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