Who is Sam Otto?

Sam Otto

Sam Otto is a British actor born on June 13, 1992 in Basingstoke. The small town is located halfway between London and Winchester in the southwest of the capital. To become an actor, he trained at the Drama Centre in London.

From there, he managed to get a role in The State, a TV series released in 2017. In it, he plays the role of Jalal. The series is divided into 4 parts and follows the experience of 4 young British Muslims who joined Syria to serve the Islamic State. It was very well received by the public! It depicts the adventures and actions of the caliphate on the one hand and the distress and disillusionment that it brings on the other.

Sam Otto was discovered with his role as Jalal in the Peter Kominsky series

He also played in Collateral, The Flood and The Boy with the Topknot. These are all English TV movies. They have no recognition outside of the Anglo-Saxon islands.

On the other hand, Sam Otto got a role in the Netflix series Snowpiercer. He plays a role alongside Daveed Diggs and Mickey Sumner. His role is that of John Oz Osweiller. He is a young brakeman with an authority figure on the train. After Layton's revolution, he becomes Terence's janitor before taking over his job when Terence dies.

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/
  • Twitter : @Sam_otto
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