Who is Soufiane Guerrab?

Soufiane Guerrab

Soufiane Guerrab is a French actor of Algerian origin. He was born on February 18, 1987. Today, he is known for his role in the series Lupin, but his filmography does not stop there!

He became especially known thanks to the series Les Beaux Mecs where he plays Kenz, a young man in the street. Even if the series lasted only 8 episodes, it allowed him to show what he could do and to rise in rank. From there, he was able to get several secondary roles in French films. We are talking, for example, about La Loi du Marché, Dheepan or D'une Pierre Deux Coups.

In Lupin, Soufiane Guerrab is a policeman passionate about the stories of Arsène Lupin

One film in particular will give him the recognition he is looking for: Patients. In this film, Soufiane Guerrab plays Farid, a young disabled man stuck in his wheelchair since he was 4 years old. Beyond the poignant story, his performance is hailed with an award at the Cabourg Film Festival in 2017. Subsequently, he joined forces with Grand Corps Malade for the creation of a festival in Rosny-sous-Bois to give young people in the neighborhood the desire to dream again. Grand Corps Malade that he also met on the set of the film Patients.

Of course, we cannot ignore his role in Lupin where he plays the policeman Youssef Guedira. Quicker on the draw, he is the only one who manages to track down Lupin thanks to their common passion for the gentleman thief.

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