2 products legalized in recent years in France


According to the latest figures, the number of drug addicts is increasing in France, especially for young people between 16 and 27 years old. The use of illicit substances is a real scourge that needs to be curbed. Several solutions are proposed such as the use of therapeutic cannabis. But until now, there is no legal framework that governs this sector.
At the same time, the state is trying to authorize certain products that may have once been similar to drugs. But what are these molecules? Here are two active ingredients recently legalized in France. 

Cannabidiol (CBD), now legal in France 

In the past, everything related to cannabis was prohibited. The law considered this plant to be a drug, so all operations related to this plant were prohibited. However, in recent years, science has been able to show that the THC in cannabis is responsible for the psychotic effects. Other components like CBD are not involved in hallucinations. 

Thus, there was no longer any question of prohibiting the marketing of cannabidiol in any form (like CBD oil or even CBD crystals), especially since it had some therapeutic advantages such as : 

  • Quick and gentle mood enhancement 
  • The establishment of a state of calm and relaxation, ideal to fight against anxiety 
  • Improvement of sleep 
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Steviol glycosides, a rather special sweetener 

For a few years, stevia, which is a plant of the Asteraceae family was banned in Europe and in France. This is quite normal, since it contained dangerous active ingredients. However, the legislation has changed since scientists have demonstrated the usefulness of steviol glycosides. Indeed, these special molecules had many interests, especially for public health: 

  • Firstly, these active ingredients have a high sweetening power (up to 300 times more intense than sucrose). 
  • Secondly, they do not provide calories, which is important in order to limit the obesity of the population. 

By virtue of these advantages, France and the majority of European countries have authorized the manufacture and marketing of these molecules from the stevia plant.  

What is it that drives the authorities to authorize these molecules? 

Thus, it is important to know that the government tries to legalize certain molecules according to the scientific advances that are made. For example, if the experts manage to demonstrate that a substance does not involve any particular danger to health, the authorities can take measures to authorize the sale and marketing of the molecule in question. 

In some cases, it is the public itself that pushes the authorities to authorize a particular substance.



In short, many products are considered drugs like CBD when they are not. Certainly, it is an active ingredient found in cannabis, but it is clearly not a hallucinogen. That's why this product is legalized in France. You can easily find it in e-liquids for electronic cigarette, in the form of oil or dried flower.