Best giant poufs: tests, reviews and comparisons

Mom and baby sitting on a giant pouf

When you want to relax after a day's work, you don't always want to lie down in your armchair. Moreover, we hardly know how to lie down if we have to share it. no! We rather want to have a place of our own. A place just for us+. And this is where the giant poufs come in. These small, or rather large, objects are perfect for relaxing, taking a break, and in the position you want. Because the best part is that they adapt to our morphology and position as we like. So here is an informed opinion on the best giant poufs of the moment!

Our no-holds-barred comparison of the best giant poufs

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To be able to make this comparison of the best giant poufs, we have taken care to select objective criteria. To rank the best poufs, we have taken into account their advantages as well as their disadvantages, assuming that the size of these objects were not a problem.

Indeed, for the person who has no space (in a studio, for example), a giant pouf will not be the most discreet furniture nor the easiest to store.

Finally, we wanted to come back to one of our essential characteristic of the pouf, whether it is for the outside or the inside, because it changes a lot of things.


Creator and tester,

Our favorite and N°1 choice, the Lumaland XXL Pouf, for its flashy colors

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The giant cushion XXL from Lumaland can be used both inside and outside. And in your house, it will find all its place. With its different versionsYou can therefore choose a model that really matches your interior and the decoration of the room where you intend to install it.

The different models are models that vary in size... They can be XL or XXL, depending on the space you have and the size you want to enjoy. But also in finish, since it is possible to buy it in cotton rather than textilefor example.

Finally, because a pouf is also colorYou can buy your pouf on a color palette available from the manufacturer. Colors that are very punchy, for more energy.

In size, you have to count 140*180 cm for the XXL version for a volume of 380 liters padded with EPS beads.


  • The size If you are looking for XXL, then you are at the right place. The giant cushion of Lumaland is really large. You need 140*180 cm to install it. So it's no longer a fashion accessory.

  • Comfortable The Lumaland XXL is padded with EPS beads that provide optimal comfort. Indeed, these balls adapt perfectly to the body and the position. It is also a slightly more expensive material than simple plastic padding.

  • The coverIt is important to know that the cover can be removed and that it is fully washable. This allows an easy maintenance in case of stain or other.

  • The colors Lumaland: Lumaland provides customers with a very impressive color palette. In total, it is possible to buy a cheap pouf in 23 different colors. We are not talking about 3 yellow and 4 green, no. We are talking about a wide range of different and always flashy colors.


  • The size The Lumaland cheap beanbag: unless you have space to spare, you'll have to reckon with the Lumaland cheap beanbag in the space calculation. Even if it is easy to move, it can quickly become (very) cumbersome in small spaces. To see therefore with your habitat and the use that you intend to make of it.

  • The materials We would have liked to see a little more noble materials in the production, but here, we have to be satisfied with 50 % of PVC and 50 % of polyester. Too bad... That said, it is possible to buy a cotton version which will be much less cheap, more classy, but the price is higher.

Our opinion in a few words

To conclude on this giant XXL cushion, we can say that we are impressed. We particularly like the fact that the balls are contained in a Protective and reinforced cover that won't break at the slightest knock. And that this bag can be inserted and removed from its cover whenever we want.

In fact, the cover removable cover is great, because you can even say that to change the color, you just have to buy a new cover without buying the ball bag for the same price. So you can make color variations according to the seasons.

Where we are a little disappointed is when we see the quality of the fabric. A mixture PVC polyester is not the most attractive. On the other hand, the cotton option is interesting. That said, each has its advantages, polyester repelling water more naturally than cotton, which absorbs it greedily if not treated.

Our challenger and N°2 choice, the Bean Bag Bazaar giant bean bag, for its quality of manufacture

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This beanbag is close to perfection and a 10/10 in our test. It is ultra comfortable, while being usable as well outside as in the house.

We will be able to note in its characteristics that it is also entirely removable for a cleaning and a easy maintenance. Moreover, it is very light and we can see that it is of good quality. We can assume that it will last in time and that it will not fail if aficionados abuse it a little when they throw themselves on it...

Outdoor use is enhanced by the fact that the fabric is waterproof and fireproof. No risk if it's lying around in the rain or if someone else gets burned while lying on it.

It is relatively light since it weighs only 7 kilos. The dimensions are 140*180*15 cm.

The interior is composed of polystyrene beadsThis is what gives it its lightness.

Finally, you should know that this fatboy model comes in different colors: 7 in total.


  • The cover : removable, waterproof and fireproof. But what more could you ask for? The cover is at the top, because it can undergo all the bad treatments without losing in effectiveness. It allows an outdoor and indoor use of the beanbag and is easy to clean. It is therefore an object that is easily maintained and does not require any particular effort.

  • The colors 7 colors is already very good, especially since the main ones are there. Red, yellow, blue, these are colors that we like and that can be integrated into all interior spaces to brighten them.

  • The weight Despite its mammoth size (140*180*15 cm), this model of beanbag remains light because of the use of polystyrene balls, lighter than plastic. In total, the model, even if bulky, weighs only 7 kilos on the scale. Anyone can carry it from inside to outside and vice versa.


  • The balls The beads are not EPS certified, but who cares, the bean bag is still very comfortable. The Bean Bag is very well padded and you can't really feel the difference. In addition, it should be noted that it still has CE certification and that the whole thing is fireproof. So there is no loss in terms of safety of use.

  • Bulky : this is probably one of the recurring characteristics of giant pear cushions, they are bulky. With XXL dimensions, it takes up space and is not suitable for all interiors. In addition, it is difficult to store in a closet ... That said, this is not why we buy it.

Our opinion in a few words

If you are looking for a very comfortable pear-shaped pouffe, this model is for you. It is close to perfection.

In fact, apart from the balls used, nothing is wrong with them. The balls are made of polystyrene. It is a light, practical, comfortable material. This is what makes the model slight, comfortable and cheap. But the polystyrene is still a step below the EPS beads. Which has a real advantage when it comes to the shape of the body. Hence a greater comfort. But let's not nitpick on this slight detail that does not detract from this beanbag.

Finally, it is important to note the choice between 7 colors It is always advantageous to buy, especially for this price. It allows you to install it in any interior, adding a touch of color.

Outdoor use is not excluded, far from it. Indeed, the fabric is fireproof and waterproof. The beanbag is safe when used by the pool!

Our N°3 choice, the Big Fake Fur Ottoman, for its luxurious side

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With this mammoth model, everything is in the name ... It is a big chair, rather a round pouf, and it is covered with a fake fur. In short, it's ultra kitsch, but that's also what we like!

The model is produced by British designers from ICON. Here, we are looking for a relaxed, fluid lifestyle. A bit English... Phlegmatic.

The pouf remains very classic, except perhaps the intensive use of fake fur. It is soft, comfortable, roundand returns a luxurious image.

Here, we are clearly on an indoor model. There is no real reason to put it next to a pool. And this is also reflected in the sizes and dimensions. The pear-shaped faux fur pouf, mammoth style measures 84*84*70 cm. This is much more reasonable for indoor use. And above all, the height of 70 cm which allows to sit on it as if it was a real chair and use it as such.

For the interior, the pouf is stuffed with soft, solid beads that conform to the shape for soft comfort. However, we do not sink inside.


  • Luxurious The faux fur gives a luxurious side that more than one person will appreciate. The model gives the image of a cosy chic interior where you feel good and can relax. Here, you don't have to slump down in it to enjoy it, sitting on it is already very comfortable. It is in fact the intended use.

  • Fashion It is important to remember that this round model is the result of British designers' reflections. We are therefore far from the Chinese work chain!

  • The ergonomics The pear pouf is designed for indoor use, as an additional seat. Thus, we find much more reasonable dimensions than on other models. But also, a higher seat which allows to use it as a real armchair (in fur).


  • Price The price of this giant cushion is more expensive than the others. But this difference is easily explained. We are not on the same range. In fact, the price is different (wait for sales and promotions). Here, we are more on the top of the range with an object which adapts discreetly to your interior. We are more on the object 100 % fun that will make your friends laugh.

  • Originality Should we count this as an advantage or a disadvantage? We hesitate. Certainly the originality is achieved with the use of fake fur (which is very soft!). But on the other hand, we don't find the flashy side that we have with all the other models. The bright colors are, somehow, also a selling point. Here, none of that, we stay sober. That said, it is difficult to see a pink faux fur pouf sitting in the middle of the living room. Although?

Our opinion in a few words

This model is very interesting and we were seduced by the way it broke the pre-established codes of beanbag and other fatboy.

The work of the designers is bearing fruit as they offer us a more chic model, with a more traditional use, while keeping this grain of madness proper to the poufs and other XXL armchairs. That said, you'll have to pay a little more, so you might as well wait for a promotion or a sale to buy it

It should be noted that this product is made in the UK, in Northumberland and is ready for use as soon as it is delivered since it is already loaded with logs. It answers the various certifications required, including the standards CE, BS5852 and fire safety regulations.

In short, buying this pouf is like buying a fashion accessory, but also a seat. It's not unlike the Mies Van Der Rohe chairs!

Where to buy its giant pouf at the best price?

The main interest when you buy a giant pouf is its comfort of use. So you should not skimp on the price to have a comfortable and pleasant model, even with a use in time. The mass distribution offers many cheap models, often on sale or discount. But the quality is rarely thereThis is because the benefits for the distributor are optimized. There are more specialized stores, but quite rare and furniture stores. Although they do not often offer XXL poufs in their catalog.

This leaves the solution of the Internet and its online stores. It is possible to make good deals by buying on a website, because the prices are very soft, or cheaper than in the shops and the offer is wider. You can really find THE right model to your home without having to go to 50 stores to find it.

What are the criteria to look for before buying a giant pouffe?

Before buying your giant fatboy, you have to determine what you want and need. Not all beanbags are the same, if only by their shape. Then, you have to take into account other elements like the space of use, or the person who will use it. All of this means that a very nice pouffe in a photo may not be the best suited to your interior. Then, there are a few tips and tricks to know in order to make the ultimate choice, the right one and avoid a bad purchase and a return to the sender of the package.

The quality

Quality should not be overlooked when purchasing. Even if a better quality means that it costs more, in time you will be right about this choice. It is no secret that most of the poufs are products in AsiaThis is a question of quality of workmanship, in workshops that use lower quality raw materials. But it is also a question of quality of finish. These poufs are generally those found in supermarkets.

It is therefore not useless to turn to a better quality footstool and check the country of manufacture of the iteme. This is usually a good starting point to detect the quality of the product, even if China also produces, sometimes, high-end.

Indoor or outdoor

Depending on the use you make of it, you must choose a more or less resistant model. Some XXL bean bag chairs do not withstand repeated abuse and use outdoors or in the garden can damage them more than others.

Also, a outdoor use requires that you choose a cover material that is waterproof. Unless you want to have an XXL beanbag that gets soaked with every rainfall. Be aware that they are difficult to dry, and therefore mold and mildew grow quickly.

The design

When it comes to design, you can find everything in the XXL pouf, fatboy or pear armchair category. These 3 names alone cover different forms of the same set. That's up to you.

Design, there is everything. The trend is often towards flash colors that can give a touch of color to an interior. But there are also possibilities to have a different material: fabric, leather, fur. Each one will give a aspect and a different feel. That's what makes them unique.

Don't forget that it has to match your interior design.


In addition to the design, it is essential to pay attention to the materials that compose the padding of your fatboy XXL. It is possible to ask the question directly to a salesman, or to find the information on the notice or internet if you buy on an online promotion.

Some designers use beads. They are neither toxic nor harmful and are generally made of plastic. But you have to be especially careful with children.

There are also balls in polystyrene. They are the most comfortable and the most supportive for satisfaction during use. Of course, there are other cushions, each with their own specificities.



At some point, you will want to clean your pouf. So choose a model with a removable cover. If not, hello difficulties. When it is possible to remove the coverit is more easy to clean and make him regain his youth.

There are many possible stains: children, food, pet hair. So many things that can end up on your fatboy.

Frequently asked questions

How to choose between an indoor fatboy and an outdoor XXL pouffe?

The pouf is practical and flexible, it is a bit obvious to use it indoors. Especially since everyone, young and old, love to sit on this kind of accessory... By default, it is always better to buy it for indoors, because that's where you will have the most use for it. Whether it is to read a magazine in the afternoon or to relax in front of the TV.

That said, it is also possible to For use in the garden. But this is not done without risk and it is better to make the right choices before taking out your indoor pouf. For this to happen without a hitch, it is absolutely necessary that it be waterproofed. A little rain can really damage a beanbag that isn't waterproof.

With an outdoor footstool, you have the use by the pool, or to rest while tanning and lounging in the sun. But here, the use will be more restricted in the year.

Our advice: choose a indoor pouffe that is water and weather resistant. So you can take it out in summer.

Should you avoid smoking on a beanbag?

Absolutely! It is advised not to smoke in a pouf. In any case, it is better not to smoke... But for the addicts of the cigarette, it is advised to leave it aside when you are in your pouf. Vaulted in the pouf, in unusual positions, it will happen quickly that an ash falls inadvertently on the fabric. The fabric remains the material of choice for XXL poufs.

In addition to the possible stains it will make, it is not unlikely that the ash will put holes in your footstool. And as soon as there is a hole in the pouf, the balls it contains start to escape. And there are many, many of them inside.

In another style, it is not useful to recall that preventing your cat to make its claws on the footstool is an evidence for the same reasons.

How to maintain your big XXL pouffe ?

The maintenance of the pouf is a absolute must. The first thing to do is to opt for a removable footstool, which allows for quick and easy maintenance without having to break your head.

Then, some tips are always useful. Thus, it is better to avoid cigarettes, food, drinks in it. This will protect it from dirt.

It is necessary to forbid his animals to use it as a toy or a scratching post. Not only will this damage the fabric, but it may also burn a hole in it.

Finally, when you use your fatboy XXL in the garden, the best advice is to bring it inside every time. You should not leave it outside all night, from do not leave it out in the sunetc. Like any fabric placed in the sun, it will tend to to depigment and you'll end up with a (possibly) hideous color when you chose the color for its flashiness. And let's not forget about the weather, which will give it another hard time.

In short, to avoid that his chair is faded, pathway humidity and serves as a home for a colony of bacteria, it must be kept dry, shaded and clean.

What shape for your giant pouf?

As you can imagine, you won't have a choice with just one model, even if you're looking to buy an XXL beanbag for relaxing. But then, what shape can you find for your big giant pouf ?

  • The giant rectangle pouf: it adapts perfectly to the shape of a person, especially for lying down, the time of a tanning session if you are outside or if you want to read quietly in your living room. 
  • The giant round pouf: it will be easier to integrate into your interior, especially if you choose an XXL format. Aesthetically, it can replace an armchair or even a small sofa in your living room. 
  • The pouf lounge: this model will have a small back in the continuity and the same material as the seat of the pouf. Basically, you will have an XXL beanbag in the shape of a pear, which will give you a support in the back, when you will sit on it. It is to be preferred if you intend to remain in a sitting position. 

Whatever shape you choose, remember to check the seams carefully, especially if you have children or pets, as they won't pay attention when they pounce on it. 

Top 10 giant poufs according to Amazon reviews and sales

To finish this comparison, you will find below the list of the top 10 best selling giant poufs on Amazon, based on buyers' opinions.

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