Top 5 best online games to have fun with your friends

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One thing is clear, 2020 is an eventful year. As the end of the year approaches, it's almost time to wish away COVID-19 and hope it goes away when vaccine trials start showing encouraging results. Until then, stay home, safe, and have fun with these online multiplayer games with your friends.

Video games are not only an entertaining way to have a good time with friends. Playing games is also good for our cognitive faculties. Studies have shown the beneficial impact of video games in improving our hand-eye coordination, speeding up our reaction time, sharpening our mental capacity and improving performance in perception, attention and cognition.

So why not combine business with pleasure by presenting you with 5 different online games for all tastes and to vary the pleasures.

#1 - Among Us

among us

One of the biggest hits of 2020, the game from indie studio InnerSloth is notably among the most watched games on streaming platform Twitch alongside behemoths Leagues of Legends and Fortnite.

Among Us is presented as an investigation game similar to the card game "Werewolves of Thiercelieux", but in the form of a video game. In this game, you play a cosmonaut in a spaceship, and just like the other members of the crew (your friends), you have to perform certain tasks to "keep the ship afloat", repair the electrical circuits, monitor the oxygen gauge, etc... Except that one of you is an impostor, whose role is to coldly kill all the crew members.

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The game is really entertaining and easy to learn, each game is quite fast and accessible to 4 to 10 players on the same map. Available for free on mobile and for 5€ on Steam, there is no reason not to try it with your friends!

#2 - Tabletopia


If you're a big fan of board games and don't mind the language of Shakespeare, Tabletopia is a goldmine of hundreds of well-known and lesser-known table games in online versions.

You will find the long awaited new table game Resident Evil, the very good Terra Mystica or even more classic games like chess or poker. If you like card games you can also try to play with a cash stake by visiting a online casino SwitzerlandIt's totally legal now.

In total, there are more than 1000 games on Tabletopia (of which about 20 are in French), the majority being free, only about 50 require a premium account of $5 or $10/month.

#3 - GeoGuessr


What if you could travel to the four corners of the world directly from your home, while staying in front of your screen? It's possible with the online game GeoGuessr which uses Google Street View to drop you randomly on the planet.

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The objective of the game is to guess where you are by pointing to a map within a given time. Of course you can - you must - walk around your starting point to discover clues that will help you to locate yourself.

Using road signs or advertisements, types of cars, shops, houses, surrounding vegetation, any information is good to take into consideration. So, if you are dropped off in the center of a French city it is quite simple, but when you come across an endless country road in the middle of Belarus it is immediately more complicated... and fun!

After the first five-round game, you have to sign up and pay a monthly or annual subscription. The Pro offer allows you to play with several players or to create your own cards.

#4 - Codenames


Originally a physical board game, Codenames is also a free online version. This strategic word game is played in two teams. One player on each team is the Spymaster, whose goal is to connect as many words assigned to his or her team's color on a five-by-five board of random vocabulary. In turn, the Spymaster will say a word that connects several words on the board. The goal is to challenge players to connect words that have nothing to do with each other. A game that will definitely get your brain working!

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Available in French on

#5 - Fall Guys

fall guys

Fall Guys is a game only available on computer and PlayStation, but highly entertaining. Still a great success in 2020, it has just to exceed 10 million sales on Steam.

Fortnite and PUBG may have popularized this type of so-called "Battle Royale" game, but Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout really took the concept in a different direction by painting it bright pink and putting it in a hot dog costume. Mediatonic's family-friendly formula is a colorful, bouncy breath of fresh air that takes a different, less violent approach to battle royales, without releasing that last player standing tension.

The concept of Fall Guys will be familiar to you if you're familiar with game shows like Total Wipeout or Interville. Guide your own avatar, a sort of living jelly bean - which you can customize - through five rounds of inflatable games. The goal? Win the coveted crown. And we assure you that there will be some breakage!

Playable online with your friends or solo against the 60 other players on the server, you'll have to fight your way through the many obstacles and sometimes play as a team to win. Fall Guys is available on Steam for $19.99.