Buying smart: our tips for buying at the best price on the internet


The arrival of the Internet has truly changed the way we shop. Nowadays, it has become a reflex to look on your PC or smartphone before going to the store. Not to mention the Internet and mobile users who prefer to order directly on the Internet and have their purchases delivered within two days at most. However, the twenty years of existence of the Internet has not been enough to democratize e-commerce. Indeed, many people still don't really know how to buy at the best price on online stores. If you want to take advantage of the Internet's shopping benefits, here are 3 tips you should definitely use.

Look at customer reviews

Unlike stores (where you only get advice from the salespeople), buying on the Internet allows you to collect multiple pieces of information before finalizing your purchase. Among this information are customer reviews: what could be better than the opinions of thousands of people to get an idea of the qualities of a product? Indeed, if you don't read the reviews of other buyers before making a purchase, you risk being disappointed by receiving a product that doesn't meet your needs. In addition, you can find dozens of websites on the Internet that collect customer reviews of the products you want to buy.

Read customer reviews
Read customer reviews

Use a price comparison tool

Here again, the Internet is full of multiple sites of comparisons generalists, or specialized in a given category. Whether you are looking for a DIY equipment or a computer or high-tech component, the comparators give you an overview of the best offers on the market, in just a few clicks. With the help of these tools, you are no longer forced to search through every corner of the web, not to mention the possibility of making some savings on your purchase. Finally, it is important to know that comparisons on the Internet are not only based on price, but also on the opinions of Internet users, the quality of service of the manufacturers, the delivery time, the advantages and disadvantages of the products, or the duration of the warranty.

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The possibilities of free return

It is well known that the Internet brings many advantages to buyers:

  • speed and convenience of online shopping,
  • savings on the purchase,
  • more choices than in stores,
  • easy access to buyers' opinions...

However, a big disadvantage of e-commerce is that you cannot test the product before buying it. That said, you can choose your product on the Internet, go to the store to test it and then finalize your purchase on the Internet. But this practice is still quite rare.

That's why it's very important to make sure that you can return the product, free of charge and within a reasonable time. To do so, do not hesitate to check the return policy on the website of the merchant from which you intend to buy the product. In most cases, merchants give buyers at least 2 weeks to return the product if it does not suit them.

Discount coupons and good deals

Most brands offer directly on their website discount coupons to boost their sales and build customer loyalty. To benefit from this privilege, you have to register for free and answer a small questionnaire. In return, the brands send coupons that you can then use during your shopping on the Internet.

Price reduction
Watch for price reductions!

In France, the practice of coupons and vouchers is so popular that many sites specialize in this area. In addition to the historical websites of coupons, cashback platforms have been created. Their objective: to give you the possibility to get a part of your purchases reimbursed on one of the partner stores.