Christmas 2019: 7 eco-friendly gift ideas

Green Christmas

Only a few weeks left before Christmas! And like every year, finding the perfect gift is a real headache. What if this year you do things differently? What if this year, you look for a way to please while thinking about the environment?

Christmas shopping accounts for more than 30 % of department store sales. And yet, these gifts are not always planet-friendly. To change that, here's a list of eco-friendly gifts you can leave under the tree for the beautiful Christmas Eve.

Ethical leather accessories

Are you in the habit of giving small accessories for Christmas? Good news: in the category of "eco-friendly" products, you will find ethical leather accessories. These classic Christmas gifts will please everyone. But not only. It is also a way to respect the environment and to prioritize fair trade.

So, you can invest in accessories made in France (from belts to wallets and even handbags) or shoes made with ethical leather. If you have an eco-friendly loved one who wants to reduce their carbon footprint while giving them a new look, this is the perfect gift.

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Ethical and fair trade jewelry

If it is to please a woman, bet on jewelry! But this time, it will be ethical and fair trade jewelry. If you want to make an original gift, you can even choose to offer a kit to make your own jewelry.

But you will also find handmade jewelry made with ethical and fair trade materials. Whether it is earrings, bracelets, necklaces or others, there is something for all tastes and for all desires.

Ethical and fair trade jewelry

Natural cosmetics

Christmas is a way to treat yourself and others. But for this year, make this moment an opportunity to discover organic cosmetic products. And once again, there will be something for all tastes, needs and expectations. Women will be able to enjoy creams, shampoos, organic makeup.

Men will also have organic products to shave, perfumes, hair products, etc.. Pregnant women can also take care of their body, hair and face with organic and natural cosmetics. And for the children? They will also have the right to do good to the planet with natural products.

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Wooden toys

It's not only children who want toys for Christmas. But whether you want to please young or old, wooden toys are still a classic and very popular choice. For the little ones, you will find toys that guarantee the awakening and the good development of the body and mind while guaranteeing their good health and safety.

Indeed, the advantage of eco-responsible products is that they respect precise quality and safety charters. Older children will also find pleasure in FSC-certified wooden construction sets. No more dangerous plastic toys that kill the planet.

Wooden toys

Gardening kits

Encourage your loved ones to grow their own organic vegetables and fruits by offering them gardening boxes. Very popular at the moment, these gifts allow them to start gardening in the best conditions and with all the essentials at hand, from the first steps. And even if the person you wish to please does not have a green thumb, these boxes contain, in most cases, guides to accompany them step by step.

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Normally, the subscription allows you to receive a variety of crops every month. This allows the lucky person to vary tastes, pleasures and especially experiences. This gift is just as ideal for adults as it is for small children who want to learn about gardening. An efficient way to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Gourmet boxes

You want to please a gourmet? Are you looking for a box for a wine, cheese or other local products lover? We recommend the organic gourmet boxes. And you will find all kinds and colors.

Thus, there will be boxes of French chocolate, boxes of biodegradable coffee capsules, boxes for good local products, complete boxes to discover 100 % products made in France, packs of organic herbal teas and infusions, etc.

Organic packaging

To improve carbon footprint, it is now advisable to swap plastic packaging for plastic packaging for reusable ones. To encourage your friends and family to adopt this new habit, take the first step by giving them attractive organic packaging for Christmas. Some of them will even be customizable for the greatest pleasure of all.