Containment: the right time to discover online blackjack?

Card game

Popular in Europe, Asia and America, blackjack continues to attract both novice and professional players. Normally, it is played on a semi-circular table where 7 people are present. But thanks to containment, you can play it directly online from your computer and smartphone. Is this new way of playing blackjack interesting? How to proceed? What are the rules to respect? we answer your questions here!

Steps to take to play online

Search for the best casino

If you want to play online, look for the best casino on the internet. If possible, refer to its reputation. Sign up with the establishment that has positive reviews. If not, also check its years of experience. A good casino has been in operation for a long time.

In any case, if you want to make the right choice, without making a mistake, consider the following criteria:

  • The support
  • Transaction security (normally, the casino should be able to pay you quickly)
  • Reliability

Register easily

You've found the right casino, now it's time to register. This step allows you to have a user account. You will be asked to fill out a short form that requires some personal information, such as :

  • The name
  • The password
  • Age
  • The certificate of residence
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Once you have registered, the casino may ask you to deposit money. You can deposit via credit card or bank transfer. Don't worry, this money will go directly into your player account. Some casinos offer you the option of checking your account regularly using e-wallets.  

Tips for playing like a pro online

Learn the basic rules

How to play live blackjack ? this is certainly the question you are currently asking yourself. The answer is obvious. You can play live at home, from your mobile device or your PC.

As for the rules, they depend on the type of game you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen classic blackjack, you must play with 1 to 8 decks on 52 cards. But the majority of the rules are derived from classic blackjack. 

In any case, be aware that this is a game of chance. As such, adopt a good strategy to win. For example, if the dealer has a card between 2 and 6, he is unable to win. This is because even if he has a log, he will still be under 17. This means that he will always have to draw a new card. 

At first the game seems difficult, but in reality it can be a lot of fun. With practice, you will become a professional.


Choose the game to play

There is a lot to choose from. Besides the classic blackjack (which originated in America), there are other variations, such as :

  • The pontoon that comes from England. Very popular in Australia, it requires 4 and 8 decks of 48 cards. 
  • The switch (6 to 8 decks of cards)
  • Free Bet (6 decks of cards)
  • Spanish 21 (6 and 8 decks of 48 cards)
  • Etc.