How to choose a woman's sports leggings?

Sporty in her leggings

You have decided to take up sports. It's an excellent decision and we congratulate you. But before you start, you need to invest in the right sportswear. It is essential for a good workout. For this purpose, leggings are one of the essential pieces of your outfit. How to choose them?

Take into account your sport activity

Not all sports leggings on the market have the same characteristics. The ones you feel comfortable with for your running session may not be suitable for a series of squats. If you are using your muscles during your workout, your leggings should compress your leg without compressing them. So, if you do crossfit, weight training or fitness, you should invest in a quality legging with high compression. This will stabilize you in your movements.

At the same time, your leggings must provide you with the necessary comfort during the practice of your sport activity. Choose a legging with a loose compression. This model has less compression at the waist and is tighter on the lower legs.

If, on the other hand, you want to buy leggings for your yogaIf you are looking for a more flexible model, choose one that is more comfortable. This way, you will be at ease during your various positions.

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Which cut to choose for your sport leggings?

When you search, you will see leggings with different cuts. First of all, you have the long models that extend to the bottom of your legs. These are perfect if you live in a cold area or if you want to continue to play sports even if the temperatures drop. They will keep you warm.

Then you have the leggings with a 3/4 length, just below the knee. So they don't cover your legs completely. Finally, there are the models that stop around the middle of the calf: the corsairs. They are longer than leggings. These are more stylish and more comfortable. It is an excellent compromise between the two previous models.

The waistband of the leggings is another criterion not to be neglected. You can choose between high waist leggings (waistband on the hips) and low waist leggings (waistband on the waist). In general, leggings with a high waist will not sag during your sports session. In addition, it offers you a good support during the physical activity.

Finally, also consider the aesthetics of the leggings: colors, seams, presence of pockets, etc. For example, thePower Ultra sportswear by Myprotein are available in many colors. They are also equipped with a large pocket on the back of the inner belt, opaque and resistant.

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Which material should I choose?

The material of the sports leggings is also to be considered when buying. To make sure you feel comfortable, consider how it feels to the touch. The leggings must first of all be silky and soft. Then, as you will sweat during your physical activity, it must be made with a well breathable fabric.

Cotton, a material that retains sweat, should be avoided. In addition, over time, cotton leggings stretch and lose their shape. Instead, opt for leggings made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester or spandex. They are more stretchy. In addition, they help evaporate sweat and dry quickly. They also keep their shape better and protect you from UV rays.