The Las Vegas series: the review

Review of the series Las vegas

In the world of television, series have gained popularity in recent times, due to the fact that, thanks to advances in technology and the Internet, they can be watched according to the available time of the viewers. The offer is very varied and covers all tastes: comedy, horror and action pieces, as well as dramatic stories or unrequited love stories. Among the options, series set in casinos are the public's favorite. Treacherous relationships and intrigue keep the suspense alive until the end. In the following lines, we give you our review of the TV series Las Vegas.

A few words about the series

Las Vegas is an American television drama series created by Gary Scott Thompson. Las Vegas has 5 seasons, for a total of 106 episodes. The television series in question was broadcast from 2004 to 2008. Produced by NBC, it was created with the collaboration of MGM Resorts International, the company to which famous casinos such as the Bellagio and the Mirage refer. First broadcast by NBC in the USA, it was then broadcast in all European countries. The story takes place in the halls of the Montecito Resort and Casino, a fictional gambling hall beloved by gambling enthusiasts.

Review of the series Las vegas

Las Vegas is a wonderful example of a series that seeks to entertain the widest possible audience without major pretensions, with a cocktail of fun, luxury and good actors. This series, which takes place in the gambling capital of the world, gives rise to countless stories because of the number of tourists who pass through. That's the reason for this series centered on this city in the state of Nevada. For more information on this series full of casino scenes, see the WowPot website here.

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Ed "Big Ed" Deline (James Caan), a former CIA agent, is the head of the Montecito Resort & Casino's surveillance group, as well as the newest president of operations. His right-hand man is Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel), a former U.S. Army Marine who hails from Las Vegas. They have to deal with cheaters, rivals who want to steal their biggest players and a lot of enmity. Also at Montecito is Danny's childhood friend, Mary Connell (Nikki Cox), also a special events coordinator.

Other protagonists include:

  • Mike Cannon (James Lesure);
  • The omniscient Nessa Holt (Marsha Thomason), aka "The Ice Queen", who knows and sees everything inside the casino;
  • Delinda Deline (Molly Sims), manager of Mystique, the casino's upscale restaurant;
  • Samantha Marquez (Vanessa Marcil), a former casino rival, who now welcomes all the high-stakes gamblers.

Accustomed to order and information, the main character brilliantly manages in the game business: no operation can be carried out without his knowledge, and not a single thug is able to pass under his nose. After taking reliable and honest people under his command, the hero catches crooks trying to take advantage of Montecito's rich and successful clients.

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Our opinion on the Las Vegas series

An in-depth series

This television series produced by NBC has the advantage of being one of the most in-depth among those dedicated to the world of gambling. A positive element related to this aspect is the fact that, despite the setting not changing from one episode to another, viewers can enjoy a pleasant variety and a fast pace of narration.

In fact, each story, regardless of the setting, has its own course. In the background of the game, we talk about petty theft and scams, without neglecting the special requests made by customers who crowd the casino rooms.

The guest star game is a success

One of the greatest achievements of this American TV series is undoubtedly the guest stars. The producers have managed to choose some very prominent names, which have given the TV series that extra touch that has made it popular over the years. To name only the most famous, there are Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alec Baldwin and Paris Hilton.

The renewed support of international critics

This police drama has received numerous international critical acclaim. We can mention two nominations at the Teen Choice Awards in 2004. Another aspect that deserves to be highlighted when talking about this successful TV series is the strength of the female characters, among which Samantha Marquez stands out without a doubt.

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Hats off to the writers of the series!

If we look at the level of the series in general, we can only praise the writers, who managed to create a product capable of keeping the viewer's eyes riveted to the screen from the first to the last minute of the episode despite the setting which, for obvious reasons, never varies.

A successful series ... in no uncertain terms

At the time of its premiere, no one was betting on it, compared to other much more charismatic premieres that took place that same year. Despite this bad start, Las Vegas was able to beat all the odds and make its way into the programming of the major television networks.