Las Vegas 21 : Our opinion on the movie

Las Vegas 21, the movie

On this site, we not only review the movies currently at the box office, but also some of the most popular movies with viewers. On this occasion, we would like to present you with the review of Las Vegas 21, a movie based on the game of Blackjack and its most popular strategy: counting cards to know when to bet big. We'll talk about the synopsis of the movie, our opinions on its strengths and weaknesses, and the impact it had on the world in 2008. Ready for the popcorn? Have you picked up the deck of cards to play Blackjack yet? Then let's get started!

What is the movie Las Vegas 21 about?

Las Vegas 21 is a movie released in 2008. It was directed by Robert Luketic and stars Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishbourne and Kevin Spacey, who is also one of the producers with Dana Brunetti and Michael De Luca.

Las Vegas 21, the movie

The film tells the story of a student who, thanks to his mathematical prowess, is invited to join a blackjack group. There he learns, along with the other members, how to count cards, one of the most recognized strategies in the casino world.

Needing a large sum of money, he agrees to accompany the club, led by Spacey's character, to Las Vegas. There, they soon begin to win large sums of money at the blackjack tables.

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Needless to say, as in any respected film, plans don't always go according to plan, so the protagonists find themselves in a lot of trouble that will keep you glued to the screen. Indeed, at some point, emotions take over and the casino thugs discover the deception. And the biggest problem is the conflict with the teacher.

The film is based on the book "Bringing Down the House" by Ben Mezrich, which also takes a more exaggerated approach to telling the story. The script takes quite a few liberties with the character of Rosa, based on at least three other people.

With a budget of $35 million, the film Las Vegas 21 is considered a success thanks to its excellent box office of over $150 million. Not bad for a film of more than 2 hours with casino scenes! You will see casino sites in Quebec in detail here !

Our opinion on the movie Las Vegas 21

The movie Las Vegas 21 has a colorful and entertaining story with lots of action and suspense, but unfortunately loses some of its power in the transition from book to celluloid.

The setting is familiar but attractive: Las Vegas, the world's gambling city. Money, lavishness, lights, colors..., there is a lot of slow motion aesthetics, blurs and ornate montages that say nothing, but with a sophisticated look that will please some.

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The central character's motivation is noble (to pay his way through Harvard) and the group is made up of personalities diverse enough to satisfy all sorts of tastes. Kevin Spacey is incredible, even fabulous. Jim Sturgess is convincing as the reluctant member of the group, but Kate Bosworth is a bit of a dud as the teammate.

The card-counting element of the film is well handled, giving viewers a more in-depth look at how the strategy works vs. Rain Man. While the film received mixed reviews upon its initial release, it was ranked as the number one film in North America in the first two weekends following its release.

The blackjack movie is quite entertaining and mixes the story of the students with the story of the casino and gambling. There is a story of love and friendship that gives it that human touch. Beware, this is not a bad movie. On the contrary, it is well made and highlights the good taste of the director. And let's face it, we all have this fantasy of becoming millionaires overnight!

The impact Las Vegas 21 has had on Blackjack casinos

One of the concerns of the film's producers was that Las Vegas casino owners would be upset that the film depicted the card-counting strategy, which favored the players more, quite well.

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However, the movie ended up favoring the casinos, which saw more people approaching them to try to repeat what they had seen in the Las Vegas 21 movie. That's because card counting is very easy to understand, but very difficult to practice. You don't need to be a math genius, but you do need an excellent memory and the ability to add and subtract numbers in seconds.

As a result, these casinos received more profits from players who came in just to try to replicate the card counting. Perhaps these people didn't realize that the actors in the movie were playing very smart kids who practiced for hours to avoid making mistakes.