Construction equipment: what are the safety rules to respect in 2021?

Protective helmet

Working on the construction site presents risks. Apart from inhalation of certain substances, employees are exposed to heat, or possible accidents. Fortunately, some incidents can be avoided by following the safety rules. But what measures are we talking about? Are there any other obligations to be met? Explanations here!

Individual protection measures

The work site is a dangerous place. As such, you must protect yourself by wearing personal protective equipment. This includes, for example:

  • From the helmet
  • Protective glasses
  • Protection against noise
  • Respiratory protection masks
  • Appropriate clothing 
  • Safety shoes
  • Protective gloves

The wearing of personal protective equipment is mandatory for all persons working on a construction site, regardless of their status. This obligation is primarily imposed on the employer, but it also applies to employees. If the latter refuse to comply, they are liable to penalties. 

Respect of hygiene rules

Except for the door of a site equipmentIn order to prevent the spread of Covid 19, you must follow barrier measures, especially in high-risk areas. This measure is essential to avoid the spread of Covid 19. So, do not hesitate to wear your masks and to respect the rules of social distancing at the entrance of the site, in the meeting rooms, in the hygiene points...

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Otherwise, the site manager or contractor should provide all the necessary hand washing supplies. These include soap and (disposable) hand towels. Both of these items should be included in the construction equipment

And finally, the work site must be disinfected regularly to limit the spread of viruses. However, the best measure to take is to control entry. If possible, restrict access to essential people only.

Job site

Planning of work on the site

Due to a lack of personnel or the health crisis, occupational risks are on the rise. In the past, exchanging tools and materials was safe, but nowadays, this small gesture is a threat. A simple contact can lead to the appearance of a viral disease (corona virus). 

In this case, it will be necessary to reorganize the work on the site by :

  • Reducing the exchange of materials and tools between employees. If necessary, require them to wear gloves.
  • Limiting the contract between two workers. You can proceed to a marking on the ground, in order to help the employees to find themselves there. 
  • Regularly cleaning or disinfecting tools and equipment on the job site. This is important to limit the spread of viruses.
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In any case, be aware that this new regulation applies this year and in 2021. First of all, it is binding on the employer. The latter is indeed required to take all necessary precautions to avoid occupational risks to their employees. 

However, these new instructions also apply to each employee. Once warned of the risks, they are obliged to respect the rules. Failure to do so may result in sanctions, including dismissal.