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In recent years, a new In recent years, a new teaching method has begun to gain momentum. This educational technique, which has profoundly changed the way we work with children, aims to educational technique aims to make children more independent in their learning learning while allowing them to acquire a base of skills. This method has a name: Montessori, named after its creator. Over the years, we have with the appearance of numerous establishments putting it into practice. putting it into practice. It is therefore logical that authors, including Montessori herself Montessori herself, took over to bring the method into the homes and to offer and offer parents a different approach to educating their children at home. at home. In this guide, we list the top 5 books on the subject, including the one including the one written by the initiator.

The Child: New Edition

The author

Maria Montessori is an Italian woman who has specialized in early childhood education. From the very beginning of her working life, she has been heading in this direction. Her her academic career with a degree in philosophy, a medical degree and more in and others in psychology and biology. One can see immediately that she that she is familiar with all the disciplines that allow us to understand the development development, functioning and integration of data by a child. However, she does not limit herself to this and offers her support to the feminist movement movement and gives it an active contribution. Her studies and research on children, she conducts them on a very diversified panel, because she is in contact with she is in contact with children from very different backgrounds.

Summary of the book

We can consider L'Enfant as the founding book of thought by Maria Montessori. And it is also the best introduction to her pedagogy. It is in this book that she draws the first outlines of an original and modern original and modern education. She exposes her founding principles which are respect for others and the development of the child's personality.

Through new means of development, children can build their individuality and discover their potential. In this French translation revisitedThe original version is available. Previously, a part had been omitted and other paragraphs moved. So there are 11 new chapters.

Maria Montessori's reference book

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Readers' opinions

In this book, readers will find a good explanation of the Montessori philosophy. For those who are new to the subject and want to delve into it and deepen their knowledge, this book is a good start. It traces the beginnings of the method and how Montessori came to develop it, a method developed after 50 years of research and studies. Written by Montessori herself, it is without a doubt the reference in the field. A must for all teachers who want to implement this new way of teaching. On the other hand, it is long, some passages are detours and could be more direct. But this also adds to the explanation. Everyone will see it in their own way.

Practical Guide to the Montessori Method at Home Home: With more than 100 Montessori activities from 0 to 6 years

The author

This practical guide is written by Julia Palmarola and Libelle Koudom. This last one intervenes on the translation of a book originally written in Italian. In fact, the author is a great supporter of the theory Montessori's theory. During her career, she was able to study and follow Montessori's research. Montessori's research. Here she shares her experience and proposes a simple method that will allow anyone to better understand the theory, and especially to put it into to put it into practice on a daily basis. Although it goes over the long original theories, it allows to quickly put into practice the fundamentals and especially to better understand the and above all to better understand the interest of the educational method.

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Summary of the book

This Guide is written for the general public, so it has a pleasant and accessible tone that makes it easy to understand, even if you don't have the theoretical background. It is designed especially for parents who have little time, but a real interest in the method. The same goes for the implementation, which doesn't require much. The activities of the guide are classified by ageThe instructions are accompanied by photos of the material, a list and illustrations. Finally, the aim is not to spend hours preparing everything, nor to dedicate a room in your home to this. That is why it is easy to do the proposed exercises with material used in everyday life. There is nothing expensive or rare to buy in addition.

100 Montessori activities that empower children

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Readers' opinions

This practical guide lives up to its name. It accompanies people who want to teach according to the Montessori method. Written by Montessori herself, this booklet is an ideal tool for children from 0 to 6 years old and proposes activities to apply the exercises. The practical and dynamic aspects of the teaching are well present and the readers could feel it. Each activity is unique and different from the others. It is also independent, even if there is a red thread throughout. The goal here, if the parent wants it, and therefore the reader, is to make the child autonomous and to push him to learn by himself through the discovery of the world.

The Montessori activity guide for 0 to 6 years old

The author

Marie-Hélène Place has been writing and working on the Montessori Method since 1994. She started to to make known and develop the great principles set up in the manifesto of the in the manifesto of the eponymous psychologist. Her books have been translated worldwide world and are read by millions of people. Here, she is accompanied by accompanied by Eve Herrmann. Note that they do not develop a specific or divergent theory specific or divergent theory, she acts rather as a pen holder, a megaphone for Montessori. One will not discover any theoretical novelties, but rather a new way of but rather a new way of reading them, and especially of applying them in the daily life in the family cocoon.

Summary of the book

Montessori's writings are plentiful. In this book work, we find all the bases of his pedagogy. One can speak of a and is available to parents who are willing to follow, to apply the theory. We divide the growth in 2 stages; the baby, the awakening and nature.

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In this book, the reader will have the opportunity to read a preface about Montessori herself, her life, and the path that led her to introduce a to introduce a new educational theory. Then, there are activities that observation, manipulation and experimentation. From to develop the child's curiosity, his relationship with the world and to push him to and to push him to learn by himself.

On the other hand, learning does not happen by itself and the arduous task can sometimes give rise to a feeling of disgust. Therefore, the parent will have access to tips on to learn with pleasure.

Finally, let's not forget that learning involves a enabling environment. We find here elements that allow to arrange the interior of the house and to make adapted material.

A book that helps create an environment conducive to child development

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Readers' opinions

This little activity book is meant to be fun and that's why readers mainly bought it. It contains several exercises for young children. The book talks about a 0 to 6 years oldbut the readers see it more as an interest from 2-3 years old. Before the proposed exercises are a bit complex and especially, there are other books that focus much more on the period from 0 to 3 years. As far as the proposed exercises are concerned, they are very similar to what Montessori proposes in her writings. On the practical side, the exercises seem easy to implement and do not require any specific material.

Montessori from birth to 3 years: Teach me to be myself

The author

Charlotte Poussin, author of the book is also an AMi certified educator in the Montessori method. Montessori method. She has translated 3 books by Maria Montessori, including L'Enfant which remains the reference book, but whose French but whose French version was still incomplete... These translations are what led her to that pushed her to write this book, which gives practical advice to parents parents to help without helping too much. She proposes an approach as would Montessori and that respects the personality of the child. She is also an author and author and translator of other books as well as other educational researchers. in education.

Summary of the book

The first years of a child's life are crucial. It is at this age that the child forms, creates a personality and discovers himself. He also discovers the potential of his body and his brain that allows him to learn. This book is intended for accompany the parents during this period by proposing a method based on the Montessori theory. In this book, we discover how to be present for our child, how to help him in each step while letting him make his own discoveries and learn by himself. There is a subtle balance between autonomy and assistance, just what is needed for the child to develop at best.

How to create activities for your baby to help him develop

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Readers' opinions

According to the readers, this book brings many explanations about the Montessori method. What is particularly appreciated is the fact that many examples are included in the book. Theory and practical examples complement each other very well and produce an interesting result. Anyone who wants to gain some knowledge in the field of positive teaching should read this book. It is intended for nursery nurses as well as interested or concerned parents. Useful from birth to 3 years for the first steps.

60 Montessori activities for my baby

The author

Marie-Hélène Place has been writing for over 20 years. Each time, they are works inspired by the Montessori's philosophy. How to put forward the learning of the child the child by offering him a maximum of autonomy. According to the books, we oscillate between theory and practice, even if the practice is much more present in the works of the author than the theory; this one being provided by the Italian researcher. Italian researcher. The activities imagined by Place are all issued from her own attempts and creations.

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Summary of the book

Montessori created a kind of bible that contains the philosophy she proposed to implement in education. But her research was very academic, and although she proposed many exercises, they do not adapt, or no longer adapt, to our current environment. A breath of fresh air is therefore welcome. Especially if it brings the how to create these tools and exercises that promote independence. All that remains is for the parents to buy the material, assemble it and offer it to the children.

60 activities from a young age

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Readers' opinions

Intended for the very young, this workbook allows parents to practice the Montessori method. It can be used for toddlers from 0 to 3 . Opinions are divided on this book. On the one hand, some find it too superficial and not going deep enough. They find practical exercises that require too much assembly, too many mobiles and not enough advice. However, when we analyze the opinions of the other side, it is totally the opposite. We have here a well done book, complete and which offers many activities adapted to young children. It is even cited as an ideal book that can allow parents waiting for the birth of a child to prepare the family cocoon in an optimal way. It also makes it possible to educate a child by the Montessori method from birth.

Besides books, what is the best Montessori training?

More and more teachers and parents want to do everything they can to learn about the Montessori method. We must admit that this method of education has been talked about for several years, but the information you can find on the web and even sometimes in books is contradictory or incomplete. In order to answer all your questions, even the most precise ones, we could only recommend you to train directly! Indeed, by opting for a Montessori training, you will be able to benefit from a tailor-made support, with a professional who will answer all your questions.

How to learn the Montessori Method?

To be able to train yourself in the Montessori method, there are several solutions available. But the one that seems to us to be the most adequate to date is without any doubt on the web. Indeed, learn about Montessori on the internet will allow you to take all the time you need to learn, and you won't be forced to make yourself available at certain times. By learning this method at your own pace, you will be sure not to skip any steps, quite the contrary!

Where can I find an online Montessori course?

To find an online course that will allow you to learn the Montessori method, there is nothing easier. In fact, by doing a simple search on the web about Montessori training, you will be able to find online training courses without any difficulty. Thanks to these, you will not have to buy many books that are tedious to read. Thanks to this training, you will not only save time, but also and above all you will save a lot of money!

Top 10 Montessori books according to Amazon reviews and sales

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