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Romwe is a very recent online shop that sells its products at a low price to attract customers. But is it a good deal or is it a trap for the customers? Some marketing techniques are very advanced. People buy. But are they happy with their purchases? In this guide we reveal everything there is to know about the Romwe e-shop. From the product catalog, to the delivery. And of course, the payment process and the settlement of any disputes, order returns and refunds offered. To finish, we make an overview of customer reviews.

Presentation of the Romwe website

Romwe is a fairly new online retailer that is similar to Zalando and other big names. But Romwe targets the entry level. And above all, it offers low prices with quite impressive discounts for customers. We'll come back to this point later. For those who know the English market, Romwe is very similar to the site Sheinside.

In general, there are no not much to complain about of this site and the majority (the vast majority) of customers are satisfied. The interface is very user-friendly. You can easily find your way through the categories. The items are clearly displayed. For each of them, one or more photos are available. We know what we buy...

Payment and delivery are similar to what we know on other sites. The delivery can sometimes be a little long, because the package comes from far away and takes time to arrive. Unless you opt for a shipment by private mail.

Romwe exists in French and the whole site is translated. This facilitates the user experience and there is no misunderstanding.

But unlike other sites, here we are on clothing and nothing else. No accessories or gadgets, which makes the site a little more serious.


Creator and tester,

What products can I buy on Romwe?

The Romwe catalog is composed only of clothes. Men or women, the choice is very large and the references are numerous.

You will find everything to dress you. Sweater tops or bottoms, denim, jackets and coats. Everything is there.

The site also has a tab for the current collection. Which is similar to what can be found in large chains like Primark. And which is up to date. So you will not be disappointed on that side. Speaking of Primark, you should know that the quality of clothes are more or less equal between Primark and Romwe. This gives you an idea of what you are buying if you have any doubt about the quality.

In addition to the current collection tab and the promotions (more on that later), there is the newness tab. This highlights the recently added products in relation to the others.

If you're used to going to the Romwe website, just scroll down to this tab to get an update on what's new in the catalog.

Romwe Shop Home
Romwe Shop Home

Are the products sold of good quality?

The products offered for sale on Romwe are of high quality. It is not high fashion or ultra resistant, but you get what you pay for. You will not be not disappointed.

As we said, the quality of textiles is equivalent to that found in large chains such as Primark or Forever 21.

That said, not all items in the catalog are the same and not all are manufactured by the same factories. So there is a difference from one product to another, even if they are supposed to respect a quality charter with Romwe.

Thus, some clothes are of lower quality or tend to wear out faster.

In addition, there is always the factor of tastes and colors ... Some items look a little less like what is on the pictures than others, or then have cuts that we find weird in the end ...

What about the warranty?

Romwe guarantees the quality of its products.

In its general conditions of sale, the online site guarantees that all products sold comply with the standards that are applied in the industry. Therefore, there are no more defects in Romwe textile than elsewhere.

Except, of course, for a supplier's malpractice.

You have a 30-day period following the date of receipt to return an item.

If a product turns out to be defective or not in accordance with its description, you have a 24 months deadline after delivery to obtain free repair, replacement or refund.

You should also know that Romwe has its own marketplace on Amazon. There, you also benefit from a guarantee.


Is there a risk of buying a counterfeit?

Counterfeits do not exist on Romwe. For the simple reason that the clothes sold are proprietary to the site. It's not like buying Ralph Lauren or Versace on this site.

So there is no more counterfeiting at Romwe than at Zara.

As we said, for an article to be put online, it must meet a certain number of criteria defined by the site. This allows to keep a certain level of quality. As always, some factory owners try to increase their margin by reducing the quality or by reducing the mesh size. But this is quickly noticed... And if a product receives too many negative comments, it is quickly removed from the catalog.

Prices and purchase terms

What is the difference in price compared to a purchase in France?

It is difficult to clearly establish an exact price difference between what you can buy on the site and what you can buy in France in a physical store.

In addition, as the Romwe's catalog is only available on its website, it is not possible to clearly establish a price difference with what is found elsewhere.

But to make a comparison, we decided to take a piece for sale on the Romwe website and find something identical or very similar. This will allow us to make a proper comparison.

For our comparison of the day, we chose a shirt, blue color with pocket and two-tone on the hems. A model that can be found on Amazon and that looks similar enough for the comparison to be accurate.

The Romwe men's shirt costs 13 €, for an official price of 37 €. That is 60 % off. The same model on Amazon costs 33.50 €. It is therefore 2.5 x more expensive.

A economy of size. Especially if you buy several items at the same time.

Are there any promotions and discount codes?

Yes! And rather twice than once!

There are many discounts.

First of all, when you are a new customer, you receive a promotion code. The value is not always the same, but it lowers the bill. Sometimes it is a reduction 5 euros cash on the first purchase. Sometimes it is a percentage which is granted on the first purchase.

Secondly, the site has promo codes. For example, a cash amount or a percentage discount from a certain purchase amount. To benefit from it, you have to enter the ad hoc code during the payment.

The site has a tabPromos " where he literally liquidates his stocks. The promos go from -60 % to -80 %!

What payment methods are available?

Unlike other big sites in the sector, Romwe simplifies things for us by offering only two payment methods. It is possible to pay by:

  • Visa / credit card
  • Paypal

There are pros and cons to this limitation. Many people have either a credit card or a PayPal account.

But it is true that a third, or fourth, option could be very interesting. If only to give the customer a choice. For example, a credit card payment method could be a development in the right direction.

Is it possible to pay in euros?

YesIt is possible to pay in euros. Moreover, when you connect to the French version of the site, all the prices of the articles are in euros and are clearly indicated. Whether it is the starting price or the price actually paid.

During the payment of the purchase, the site does not really leave the choice when the currency used.

You can change the currency via a tab in the upper left corner. You can choose between US and Canadian dollars, English pounds, Swiss francs, Swedish crowns and euros. Right next to the tab "Languages."

How does the delivery work?

From which countries are the goods sent?

All goods are shipped from China and the brand's warehouse. Once the order is placed, it is processed by the handlers who pack the parcel and ship it via the Post Office or any other selected shipping method.

Are there any customs fees involved?


When you buy products in China, they are considered as imports. Therefore, you will have to pay a customs tax when your package is delivered.

But Romwe takes care of the customs and VAT costs which is the responsibility of the customer. All items are therefore net and final prices. A big plus compared to other sites like Aliexpress and the bad surprises that can be had.

What are the delivery times?

The delivery time varies, but it usually takes 14 days to receive your package at home. This is the price to pay for cheaper prices on clothing.

Depending on the period, it takes 5 to 7 days to process the order.

Delivery takes between 7 and 10 days.

During the holiday or Black Friday periods, it may take a little longer.

At any time, you can track your package through the dedicated tab "Routing."

Note that the delivery is free from 49€ of order.

Customer service, dispute and return policy ?

Romwe has a contactable customer service every day via internet. To contact him, nothing could be easier. Just click on the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page. The consultants are supposed to respond within 24 hours. That's what the website says. In general, this is true. In reality, you may have to wait longer, especially during busy periods.

You can contact customer service if you have any questions, suggestions or need help with a product.

If you want a refund, you must go through the after-sales service that can be contacted through the orders page. With them you can determine where your package is and when it will arrive. Here too, you will receive an answer within the day.

Romwe also provides a frequently asked questions section that answers common questions.

In case of litigation or problem with your order, you have 60 days to return the package. Attention, it is from the date of the order.

Any item can be returned, defective or not... As long as it has not been worn or washed.

Items that are on clearance cannot be returned, nor can gifts.

To make sure that the return goes smoothly, you should contact customer service, which will take care of the customer. They will point out, for example, that the return address is not the one indicated on the package.

Frequently asked questions

How do I register on the site?

When you are new to Romwe, you have to register. In itself, this is not very complicated.

You simply have to submit his email address and create a password (to be confirmed a second time). Then click on "register". It's done!

To give you a better experience, Romwe offers you to select the store you prefer. Among these:

  • Bags and shoes
  • Large sizes
  • Swimsuits
  • House
  • Accessories
  • etc.

When you register, you will receive a welcome gift in the form of a voucher. Either a cash discount or a percentage on your first purchase.

Once you have registered, you can link your Facebook or Google account to make it easier for you to log in the next time.

Does Romwe have a mobile application?

Yes. Romwe has its own mobile application. Available for smartphones Apple and Android. The general opinion of the users is quite good (4.6/5) and the interface is very easy to use.

It was an obligation for the site, since most of its competitors do the same. You can thus find the whole catalog directly on your small screen and can make purchases.

The application offers the same advantages as the website in terms of content. But also, in terms of discounts, prices, delivery times. Everything is the same, in mobile version this time.

Are there any products in the Romwe catalog that I should not recommend?

Romwe is a catalog with several thousands of references that come and go on a regular basis. It is therefore impossible to give an exact list of products to be avoided.

In general, the quality is not so bad. We have already talked about it above. Some pieces are must-haves, must-haves. These ones are very well made and you will enjoy them a lot.

Among these items, they are usually the timeless ones. The most basic pieces, but which always hit the spot. For example, the jeans jacket, or the black dress. Simple, effective, safe.

However, if you go to the high value-added models a little more advanced, with lots of patterns, lace, etc.. Then you may encounter a quality average. At the very least, you'll have had a better experience in your life. Buying this type of item is more risky, it's up to you whether you like it or not. And then there is the return of packages as a safety net.

The opinion of the Internet users

Does Romwe have a good reputation or is it just another Chinese sales site? To find out, we have to ask users and collect their opinions.

You should know that for a long time (the site was born in 2008), Romwe did not allow to leave comments on the clothes. It is now done. Nowadays, anyone who buys a product can then leave a review on the ordered item (like on Amazon). For future buyers, it's a good way to know if an item is worth it or if it's better to skip it.

For the overall experience of the site and the delivery, return and other policies, one can query the reviews on Trustpilot, on Google, on Facebook or even on the Google Play Store where many people have left reviews on the mobile app.

For you, we have collected 3 testimonials. Just to get a general idea of the site:

meryezzentri: Perfect It is with great pleasure that I give my opinion on the site romwe. The romwe site is a very good site, always full of promotions and that during all the year. The prices are generally very good and of course the quality is very good. The after sales service is excellent and very responsive. The delivery is always at the top, quality packaging and delivery always on time. I am obviously very satisfied with the site I highly recommend this site for all people looking for clothes at low prices there's even a tab "large size".

natashalegret: Great site, especially for curvy women. Some choice, even if I wish there was more! Indeed, half of the proposed products are not in large size, too bad 😉 I followed the size chart: no product to return. Site very well done, products offered very nice. Delivery was very fast under 15 days. The prices are very attractive. The quality is good, none of the clothes bought has moved. On the other hand, no promo code via ebuyclub. I am delighted!

isaalbertvincent: Easy order, rather fast delivery, a lot of choice, on the other hand a little disappointed with my order, the articles are of a rather average quality... on the other hand the sizes are good. For the price I will say go there, after maybe there are better qualities on other clothes. It was my first order.

Our opinion

Following our complete test of Romwe and the writing of this guide, we are able to give our opinion on this online sales site which is already almost a decade old.

In 10 years, the site has changed a lot. At the beginning, only in English, it did not give desire to the French consumer. What's more, it had a lot of disadvantages that made it almost prohibitive... Indeed, the shipping costs were not free, you had to pay the customs fees yourself, the quality was very average, etc.

But today, all that has changed...

The positive points on this site are very numerous and are as many reasons to buy your clothes online on this platform. First of all, as the site itself says, they are price-friendly. It is THE right address for clothes with small price. And this is what will probably be the most important argument for the French (and European in general) consumer.

Then, we can talk about the many promos always in progress. It's hard to find a time of year when there isn't some kind of discount. In addition, the delivery is free from a minimum purchase amount (quickly reached).

And we hardly mention the very advantageous return policy for the customer, the fast customer service. And above all, Romwe takes care of the VAT and customs fees. An advantage that clearly makes the difference with Chinese competitors such as Aliexpress or Light in the box!

The disadvantageThe only thing that can be mentioned is the quality. We remain on a Chinese product. That's good, but there is better. Especially on parts that require a high added value and labor. Unfortunately, this is more or less the case for all the sites and brands that manufacture in China. On this point, Made in China still needs to work. Even if, in the end, the more expensive brands are not necessarily better...

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