Best blood pressure monitors: tests, reviews and comparisons

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A blood pressure monitor is a device that measures blood pressure and monitors its evolution. It is particularly indicated when a person suffers from blood pressure problems or cardiovascular problems. Thanks to it, it is possible to monitor one's blood pressure and to take the appropriate medication. It is also used in medical offices when the doctor does a general check-up of his patient and in the hospital when nurses come to take the parameters.

But these are professional devices, which are not available to the general public. That said, brands like Omron, which work with health professionals, also have models suitable for the public and therefore necessarily cheaper. In this guide, we tell you about the 3 best blood pressure monitors currently on the market.

Our no-holds-barred comparison of the best blood pressure monitors

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It's not easy to know the world of blood pressure monitors. That's why we had to read a lot of literature to learn about them. This comparison is therefore based on extensive reading of magazines and other medical articles as well as visiting the websites of the major brands in the niche sector. We were able to dTo determine the main elements that make a blood pressure monitor outstanding. We develop this further in our buying guide and the criteria to be monitored.

This allowed us to extract 3 models that we believe are the best on the market today.


Creator and tester,

Our favorite and N°1 choice, the Omron M3 compact electronic blood pressure monitor, for its reliability

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Several criteria define the Omron wrist blood pressure monitor. It is equipped with an indicator that allows you to detect whether it is in the right position when taking a measurement. This is essential if you want to be sure of your parameters. In addition, a second sensor indicates if you are moving (too much) during the measurement.

Equipped with a large screen for a good reading and a few keys for a better easy handlingIt is the right device for the elderly. Readable and easy to use are the key words. In addition, it has an LED light to alert you if the pressure is higher than normal.

In addition, it is developed with the Intellisense technology.

Finally, it can be used by two different users. And, it records 60 parameters during each measurement by assigning them to the right profile. Ideal for couples.


  • Intellisense technology This device automatically inflates the cuff so that the blood pressure can be taken quickly and easily. And it serves the cuff appropriately so that the user is not inconvenienced. So it inflates just enough to take the parameters.

  • The number of stored parameters The Omron 3 records 60 measurements for each user (max 2) to keep track of the evolution. So it does not only take the blood pressure at the wrist. It also has an arrhythmia indicator.

  • A wide use The Omron 3 upper arm blood pressure monitor has a cuff with an arm circumference ranging from 22 to 42 cm. It is thus usable by a broad fringe of the population.

  • Readability It is equipped with a large screen and a few keys for manipulation. The results are therefore very readable. The risk of misreading is very low.


  • Not a professional device In spite of all the efforts made by the brand, we remain here on a general public device and planned for a normal use by a person. There is no question of using it assiduously and repeatedly as a doctor would. We are not on the same price range.

  • Data recording The Omron 3 boasts of taking and recording data. Of course, you can pass them on to your doctor and this may be useful to him or her. But it is rare to see a doctor not question the data taken by a non-professional. In the case of heart problems, the doctor usually provides a probe that takes continuous measurements before being analyzed. It is therefore doubtful whether this function is really useful.

Our opinion in a few words

Omron products are always tested and by independent organizations. If this product did not live up to its promises, it would never have been marketed... You can therefore trust it and be certain of the results provided. Moreover, the measurements taken on the Omron M3 blood pressure monitor reach a remarkable precision. It is therefore an ideal device for people who are looking for a personal blood pressure monitor to follow their blood pressure.

The various facilities it offers such as theadaptability to the arm's length, the customized inflation, the sensors are all pluses that must be emphasized and that place it above the other models.

Finally, sold at a relatively low price, it offers excellent value for money which tips the scales in its favor.

Our challenger and N°2 choice, the Lovia electronic arm blood pressure monitor, for its price

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The Lovia tensiometer is a device clinically validated which allows to take the tension in a fast and precise way. It stands out for its ease of use, which is translated into reality by its ease of transport, its low cost of ownership, and the fact that it is easy to use. connection with other devices (especially to extract data), etc.

This ease of use can also be seen in the reading of the results, which arrive within two minutes of the start of the measurement. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the device to do its job. A simple beep will let you know that the results are available and that you can remove the cuff.

Finally, the Lovia blood pressure monitor has a arrhythmia detector. In case your heart is beating irregularly, you will be notified.


  • Fast and accurate This upper arm blood pressure monitor gives you results in two minutes. It is thus in the average of the tensiometers. 

  • The armband The cuff is equipped with a velcro strap. This allows you to adapt it to your morphology. During use, it is advisable to tighten it, but not too much in order to avoid that it is painful at the time of the taking of tension.

  • The options This blood pressure monitor, to be placed on the wrist, has an arrhythmia detector that allows you to know if you have a regular pulse. Other options include the possibility of having two users, or the recording of data for each user.

  • The battery It is a battery-operated model. And recharging is easy (and rare). Moreover, it is possible to use it while on USB charge.

  • Easy to use The wrist monitor is compact and does not take up much space. It is therefore easy to store in a drawer or in a suitcase if you go on vacation. Ili follows you everywhere and you have access to all data at any time and anywhere.


  • Entry level It is clearly an entry-level model. It is therefore less powerful than some of its competitors, although it does the task it is asked to do perfectly. That said, it will never be as good as your doctor's medical device, and your doctor will quickly question the data history you have obtained from it. It will be indicative, but not validated.

  • Its use The manufacturer places many conditions on its use. For example, you must avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking coffee, or doing sports for 30 minutes before the automatic measurement. It even advises you to rest 15 minutes before the measurement. And you must wait 10 minutes between two readings. In short, conditions that are difficult to respect for many active people.

Our opinion in a few words

The Lovia is an excellent quality blood pressure monitor that will allow you to follow your blood pressure on a daily basis and adapt your treatment to your condition. That said, it remains an entry-level device and this is reflected in its use.

Of course, the device is well-made, preciseetc. But it is not as fast as its direct competitors. 2 minutes can be long. In addition, its manufacturer requires that its use is done under certain conditions. These are not easy to meet for an active person or for a person with a busy life. Especially if you have to take it several times a day.

But the fact remains that it is very readable and perfectly adapted to the elderly. Its ease of use is also disconcerting and allows everyone to take care of their health on a daily basis. Finally, the possibility of having two simultaneous users and a respective data recording are assets that should not be overlooked.

Our N°3 choice, the Omron M2 Basic electronic arm blood pressure monitor, for its robustness

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The Omron 2 upper arm blood pressure monitor is a clinically validated medical device that has been tested by independent laboratories before being released to the market. As always, Omron goes to great lengths to make its models as safe and accurate as possible. However, this is a less advanced model than the Omron 3.

Among the options that we do not find on this product, we can speak about the memory. Indeed, unlike its competitors, this model only keeps the last measurement in memory. A minus without doubt, but that does not prevent the wrist monitor from working. We have already discussed the validity of the results recorded with the two previous models.

However, the big plus point is that it also has the exclusive Intellisense technology developed by the brand.

Finally, there remains compact and easy to carry like all the models of the brand and allows to go everywhere without question.


  • The LCD screen The LCD screen is very convenient to read and allows you to see all the necessary information quickly. At a glance, you can see the systole, diastole and pulse. Everything is accompanied by a symbol so you don't get confused.

  • The memory Omron 2: less powerful than the more recent models, the Omron 2 still keeps the last 30 measurements in memory, which is more than sufficient.

  • The accessories The Omron 2 blood pressure monitor comes with accessories. Namely, cuffs of different sizes so that it can be used on your morphology and your wrist. Then, an AC adapter that will allow you to recharge the battery. Note that it is possible to use it on sector without that interfering with the battery.

  • The guarantee The blood pressure monitor is guaranteed for 3 years by the brand, which gives you a sense of security. However, the cuff is not included in the warranty.

  • Intellisense technology We find the Intellisense technology developed by the brand on this upper arm blood pressure monitor and that we also find on the more recent models. This one therefore has all the features of a great one, despite the fact that it is from a previous generation.


  • An earlier generation Since the release of the Omron 2, many models have been released. And so, inevitably, this model suffers, suffers, somewhat from its years. But it will not be given a facelift, since the Omron 3 has already taken over... It is therefore a slightly older model that you are buying, but it is still very good compared to all the competitors. Moreover, it is not very often found in pharmacies and other physical stores.

  • The lack of memory In contrast to its current competitors, the Omron 2 does not record as much data when it is placed on the wrist. A small flaw on paper that could make you choose another model. In reality, whether it records 30 or 60, or even 100, data will not change much.

Our opinion in a few words

The Omron 2 is a blood pressure monitor that has aged well and does not suffer too much from the years that have passed since its release. It is a recognition of the quality of construction of the Omron brand. It is also a very good example of a device designed from the beginning to last and to stay in line with the market. This model is still produced despite the more recent models!

On this principle, we can give him all our confidence.

The only flat ? It is not as up-to-date as its newer competitors. It doesn't have as much memory, has fewer options and, all in all, it's a shame that it's older. But it's also a way to go back to the roots, with an easy, basic blood pressure monitor that is offered at a very attractive price compared to its competitors for the services it provides.

Where to buy a blood pressure monitor at the best price?

Electronic blood pressure monitors are sold everywhere. You can find them in large surfaces and hypermarkets like Auchan or Carrefour. But also in stores specialized or not in medical equipment as well as at your pharmacist. He may not have all the models, but he can give you precious advices and possibly order one from his supplier. But you will have to pay the full price... You will not benefit from a promotion or a sale in a pharmacy.

If you are looking for a device on sale or discount, it will be easier for you to turn to the online stores where this type of discount is much more frequent. But your purchase should not be based solely on the price, which can vary from 20 to 200 €. You must take the best and the one that will not fail you. Also, if possible, choose a recognized brand such as Omron, Hartmann, etc.

What are the criteria to look for before buying a blood pressure monitor?

Before buying a wrist blood pressure monitor, you should shop around and compare models. Some are more advanced or offer interesting options. However, they are not necessarily adapted or necessary to your case. It is therefore important to buy a device that suits you and your profile. To help you make a choice, we have selected several criteria that will help you decide between the various competitors on your list.

A battery-operated or battery-powered blood pressure monitor

Most electronic blood pressure monitors work thanks to batteries. They are not energy consuming devices and their longevity is therefore assured. You won't have to change them very often. That said, there are some models that offer an adapter (not always included in the price or in the box, but which you can also have from another device).

This allows you to connect the device to the mains. But you lose mobility. Other devices (Terraillon brand, for example) use a rechargeable battery. You avoid buying batteries. However, if you go on vacation or travel, you can't forget your charger.

The integrated detectors

Many models on the market have built-in sensors to make your life easier. For example, the Omron 3 has a position sensor that lets you know if it's positioned correctly or if it needs to be readjusted.

In the same way some blood pressure monitors detect that a measurement is incorrect and warn the user. In general, this is made possible by the fact that the device records previous measurements.

Then come all the other detectors like the leak detector in the cuff, clothing interfering with the measurement, etc.

But the more sensors there are, the less easy it is to take your blood pressure, because they interfere with the ease of use. And so, possibly, you will have to take your blood pressure several times.

The comfort of use

Good measurement is directly related to ease of use. There is no risk of making mistakes in switching on the device, in the automatic measurement, etc.

Comfort also comes from the design of the device. A large cuff allows you to hang it more easily. A large display makes it easy to read the results and operate the device. These are small things that count for a lot.

But there are many other options to talk about:

  • the time required at the catch (below 40 seconds, it is considered fast)
  • the available modes
  • the consecutive catch of several measures (some even average)
  • a possible alarm to remind you to take your blood pressure
  • the weight and the size of the device to be put on the wrist which will make it more or less cumbersome and its possible storage in a box not to damage it.

The reliability of a wrist monitor

Reliability is probably the most important and determining criterion in the purchase of a blood pressure monitor. In order to eliminate all the faulty models, the European Union has set up a CE standard to which the models must respond.

France also has 3 national standards (NF). They regulate the marketing of a device, but only the CE marking is mandatory.

Always check this before purchasing.

Some manufacturers report additional validations, but not mandatory. For example, "Clinically Validated ESH," "Clinically Seal," "Validated ISO." This doesn't change anything, but it does give a token of seriousness.

However, despite all these precautions, some models are still to be avoided. Do not hesitate to read the tests of " What to choose? "on this subject.

The history

Some models keep in mind the measures taken before. This allows you to keep a history, chart them or send them to your doctor.

Some people are very reassured by this system that allows them to remember previous intakes. In particular in case of regular intake of medication.

That said, the consultation of the history on the device is not the easiest thing in the world. You have to scroll through the results one by one or by small groups. It is therefore necessary to choose a connected device that allows you to export the data to a tablet or a computer. Some applications will allow you to draw curves and graphs.

Also be aware that some devices can keep track of multiple users through a "guest" mode.

Manobrassard blood pressure monitor: health at your fingertips.

When you are in the medical field or when you want to check your blood pressure, having a monobrassal blood pressure monitor to check and take your blood pressure is absolutely necessary.

This professional medical diagnostic device is one of the indispensable tools to check patients or to check yourself for any warning signs.

With its bulb device to inflate the cuff around the arm, its velcro fastening system, its pressure gauge to take the blood pressure with great precision, this system will also be cleanable to disinfect it and avoid any nosocomial problem.

Whether for use in clinics, hospitals, the professions or nurses, these blood pressure monitors fold easily to fit into a medical kit.

If you are interested in the article you have just read about the manobrassal blood pressure monitor and want to know more about these professional medical diagnostic devices, it is very simple. Just click on the web link that will take you directly to this online medical equipment sales site and help you to make the choice of a manobrassard tensiometer on this site

Frequently asked questions

Why buy a blood pressure monitor?

A blood pressure monitor is a device that takes blood pressure. And in this case, it takes it at home. Its usefulness is obvious when you need to follow your blood pressure regularly due to heart, cardiovascular or blood pressure problems.

Be aware that this type of device is very reliable and allows a regular follow-up. At home, you can follow the evolution of your blood pressure and dose your medication according to the doctor's prescription. You will see if the dose is sufficient or insufficient. Or on the contrary too high. This will be seen right away the measures taken. And you will be able to adapt your medication to the latest results.

However, the use of a blood pressure monitor does not replace a medical diagnosis and only a doctor can confirm the diagnosis.

What exactly does a blood pressure monitor do?

A blood pressure monitor takes blood pressure. But this is not the same as taking a temperature. In reality, blood pressure is the amount of blood pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries. The higher the pressure, the more likely a vessel is to rupture. This can lead to a stroke, for example, when it occurs in the brain.

And this pressure varies from second to second depending on the heart.

In order to render the voltage correctly, a device takes 3 distinct measurements:

  • the systolic pressure. It is calculated at the moment when the heart contracts and pushes blood into the vessels. This is the first data calculated.
  • diastolic pressure. It is calculated when the heart relaxes and fills up, therefore at the opposite of the beat.
  • the pulsewhich corresponds to the number of heartbeats per minute and therefore to the repetition of these two parameters.

This is how you are usually provided with two data for the voltage. For example, 12/8.

Good and bad blood pressure standards are issued by the WHO to provide indicative benchmarks.

Top 5 blood pressure monitors according to Amazon reviews and sales

To finish this comparison, you will find below the list of the top 10 best-selling blood pressure monitors on Amazon, based on buyers' opinions.

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