Top 5 American series in 2022

For decades, the United States has been an absolute mogul in the film and television industry. For years, the U.S. has also risen to the top of television series production, setting new standards for others to follow. We are currently experiencing an incredible boom in series, which is benefiting viewers. Yet many still ask: which American series is the best? Here are the top 5 American series in 2022.

#1 Game of Thrones, at the top of the podium of American series 2022

Game of Thrones" is an American series created by David Benioff and DB Weiss for HBO. It is an adaptation of the saga "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin. The action takes place on the fictional continents "Westeros" and "Essos" and the surrounding islands. No character needs to be apply for an ESTA to travel to the United States. Game of Thrones is a cult fantasy series with a large number of awards and an exorbitant cost per episode. There are dragons, barbarians, the undead, princesses and knights. 

Top 5 American series in 2022

It all starts with how the usurping king of the Seven Kingdoms, Robert Baratheon, comes to his old friend Eddard Stark in the North and asks him to move with some of his family to King's Landing and become his right hand. But when the tough Northern ruler agrees to help the eccentric ruler, he doesn't yet know that Robert's wife Cersei, along with her wealthy father Tywin Lannister, plans to overthrow the king. Meanwhile, Eddard's illegitimate son, Jon Snow, is sent to the Wall, a structure that protects the entire world from wildlings and the dead. Overseas, the true heir to the throne, Daenerys Targaryen, marries the leader of the nomads. 

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The series will go through several storylines that will converge and diverge from each other over the course of 8 seasons. The list of contenders for the Iron Throne will only get longer, but not everyone will be able to get through the wars, conspiracies, intrigues, contract killings and diseases. The series has an extensive storyline and a great cast. Game of Thrones, a story full of twists and turns, intrigue and false alliances, which after a few episodes will excite any undecided viewer.

#2 Chernobyl

"Chernobyl" is one of the best American series of 2022. The series has unexpectedly become a hit on the HBO GO platform and the entire TV series market worldwide. The 5-episode miniseries is a U.S.-British co-production telling the fictional story of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. It is currently one of the highest rated productions in history. The series, based on secret documents and eyewitness accounts, tells the story of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, the liquidation of its consequences and the causes of its occurrence. 

Almost all the characters have real prototypes, and the whole story is like a documentary, including various points of view and theories. It is practically a horror film about an unprecedented catastrophe, which humanity is facing, but does not yet fully realize the gravity of its consequences. 

The series does not focus on an individual character. It covers stories about:

  • physicists looking for a solution to a problem,
  • a firefighter who receives a share of radiation when extinguishing a fire
  • and his pregnant wife.
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The series also highlights officials who deny the explosion, refuse to evacuate residents and regret that they must now answer to Europe, over which radioactive clouds are flying.

#3 Band of Brothers

"Band of Brothers" is an original HBO production, which proved to be a worldwide success. The American-British war drama produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks is an adaptation of the book of the same title by Stephen Ambrose. The series "Band of Brothers" (original name) tells the story of the famous E 506 Company of the Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army. 

It shows the fate of soldiers fighting on the front lines of the Second World War, from the training before the Normandy landing to the fall of the Third Reich. The series has one season of 10 episodes. The series is based on the true accounts of Easy Company veterans and one of its first leaders, Lieutenant Richard Winters, who was later promoted to the rank of Major.

#4 Force majeure

The series tells the story of an American law firm that employs the cynical, ambitious and best lawyer in New York, Harvey Specter. While looking for an assistant, he comes across Mike Ross, a naturally talented young man with a photographic memory and a fake degree from Harvard University. Unexpectedly, Harvey hires a talented con man, discovering that he has one major asset as a lawyer - a heart.

So Harvey helps the restless Mike, who burns with the desire to fight for justice and help even those who can't pay the unimaginable bills of the company. Mike wants to start his life over and stop taking exams to get into prestigious universities. Although completely new to the profession, he learns delicacy and caution by watching how easily his words backfire in court.

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#5 Shameless, in the top 5 American series 2022

Shameless is a crazy, fast-paced series about an American family that has sunk to the bottom of the barrel. The family's father, Frank Gallagher, is a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict, a reckless loser and a playboy who, at the age of fifty, made six children from two women and left them to self-educate and self-support. 

His oldest daughter Fiona is forced to drop out of school to care for her siblings. She takes any job and is not afraid of fraud, theft and other minor financial crimes (like the rest of the family). Older brother Lip, a guy with a high IQ, finds no better use for his brain than taking exams for money and selling drugs. 

Middle Ian is a bipolar homosexual who dreams of becoming a soldier. Carl is a teenager with psychopathic tendencies, expressed in the cruel treatment of toys and animals. Young Liam is a black child. Young Deborah is a teenager suffering from her dysfunctional family, later a nymphet. 

Throughout the series, all of these characters alternately destroy their potential, try to get out of numerous utility bills, sleep with anyone, smoke anything, and lead immoral, extravagant, and destructive lives.