What is the budget to buy a SEAT in Belgium?

budget to buy a SEAT in Belgium

You want to buy a car in Belgium and you don't know which one to choose? Cars from SEAT could be just what you're looking for. At SEAT, you can find the perfect cars to explore your city from end to end, spacious minivans that fit the whole family, sporty coupes to show off your car and powerful SUVs to hit the urban tarmac with. In the following lines, we give you the budget to acquire a SEAT in Belgium.

The car models of the SEAT brand

SEAT Ibiza

The iconic SEAT Ibiza is an agile, urban compact car. It is available with three and five doors and as a wagon. This vehicle has a perfect balance between performance, consumption and emissions. It is a technological car with a young personality, very functional and comfortable to conquer the city.

budget to buy a SEAT in Belgium


The SEAT Mii is a small car ideal for daily use in the city. It is a city car that measures 3.56 meters long, but has a large trunk capacity that varies between 210 liters and 260 liters depending on the model.

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SEAT Ateca

The SEAT Ateca features a dynamic 4-wheel drive system that generates a new driving experience. This vehicle incorporates safety innovations such as blind spot detection, traffic alert, front and rear cameras and voice parking assistant.

SEAT Arona

Urban, elegant and aerodynamic, the SEAT Arona is SEAT's smallest SUV. It has the perfect features for those who frequently travel around the city. This SUV provides a higher driving position from which you can better control the space on the road. With alloy wheels, vertiginous lines and LED headlights, the SEAT Arona conquers everyone by its mere presence.


The SEAT León is one of the most famous SEAT vehicles. With efficient performance and contemporary design, it incorporates technological features that make it unique. The SEAT León incorporates a fully digital instrument panel, a wireless charger so you never run out of battery and a keyless entry system.

What is the budget to buy a SEAT in Belgium?

As a generalist brand, SEAT prices can benefit from one-off offers quite frequently. You can buy a SEAT Ibiza in Belgium from €13,400 for the low end with few features. This is the cheapest, according to the specialists. At the top of the range, you can find 48120 €, which is the price of the SEAT Tarrano Hybrid. If you are looking for a lease to buy a SEAT, you will find them starting at 231€ per month (for a SEAT Ibiza for example). This price can go up to 1116 € per month for a SEAT Tarraco.

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A few words about the SEAT brand

SEAT is a generalist car brand originating from Spain and based in Martorell. Founded in 1950, it has been owned by the Volkswagen group since 1986. Its initials were originally an acronym for "Spanish Touring Car Company".

All SEAT cars incorporate innovative technology that makes them efficient and powerful vehicles that make driving a very pleasant experience. All are of high technical quality with diesel or petrol engines that generate high power with significant fuel savings and optimal performance.

At SEAT you will find the best new cars for every style. SEAT's technology ensures safety and its multimedia and entertainment systems make your time in the car much more enjoyable. The vehicles of this brand are very comfortable, with ergonomic seats and luxurious interiors.