6 car series to watch on Netflix

If you like speed, adrenaline, racing... there are many car series on Netflix, realities shows and docuseries that will bring you closer and immerse you in the world of the engine. Documentaries or programs with which you will know more details of the lives of famous drivers, but also fiction series, tuning programs or docuseries with which you will discover all the technical aspects of any car. In the following article, discover the 6 car series to watch on Netflix. 


The pilot Michael Schumacher is the protagonist of this documentary that is available on Netflix since September 2021 and talks about his journey, his triumphs, his life. A documentary supported by the family of the former pilot. It's not like a series but a one-episode documentary, a documentary film of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion where you'll see all kinds of archival footage, exclusive interviews and statements from people close to the motorsport genius.

Formula 1

From breakage to glory

The Gotham Garage team, which is the center where the restorations are done, aims to remodel the cars to increase their value and then trade them in for other high-end cars. The challenge is ultimately to get the car, at the end of each program, to fetch a six-figure price tag of over $100,000. Some of the creations are unique models that achieve a great revaluation. You will learn more about the different steps to take to transform a car and it goes far beyond to carry out the registration of its vehicle

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Top Gear

It is one of the BBC's longest-running and most iconic car series, which, with internet broadcasting, has become a worldwide hit. With almost three decades of programming behind it, Top Gear is a format that excites motor enthusiasts with very simple rules. Entertainment, adrenaline and cars that delight everyone. The presenters will get on these indomitable machines to take on all sorts of challenges, to demonstrate their driving skills and to test prototypes and luxury cars with very high performance, very different from what you would see on any road. For the gas enthusiasts, Top Gear is a sacred program where you can enjoy your passion without limits.

Extra Gear

If Top Gear is a program for fans of engines and speed, Extra Gear is the perfect series for Top Gear fans. It is a side programme, originally broadcast as a follow-up to Top Gear on British television, in which more technical aspects are covered to further develop what was seen in the main programme. 


It is a competition and not a car series as such, where drivers will have to show all their dexterity at the wheel. Hyperdrive is a reality show in which several professionals will compete on a complicated circuit with many difficulties to overcome. Skidding, speed and a lot of skill will be the essential characteristics to win this competition.

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Car engine

Fastest Car

It is a program that tests the ability of mechanics, who will have the opportunity to measure their creations against serial sports cars, created for racing. The premise is to put luxury racing cars in competition with apparently inferior cars that have been reworked in the garages and surprise after their modifications.