Brightburn : the child of evil, a last thrill for the road


Netflix is never one to shy away from releasing a bit of horrific content. On the eve of the vacations, the streaming platform treats us with one last title for the road, Brightburn.

If you have already seen Superman or Smallville, you will probably have the impression of a big pumping of ideas... Indeed, for this film, the scriptwriter has taken up the superhero genre, modifying it somewhat.

Thus, the film starts in a small village in the United States. Kyle and Tori Breyer are farmers and dream of having a child. That's when a capsule arrives on Earth, in the style of Superman. Inside, they find a baby.

In fact, they decide to raise him. The boy grows up and everything goes well. Until one day, as a teenager, his behavior changes dramatically. There is evil in him, and it drives him to do horrible things. The quiet little town is a shadow of its former self!

The actors in the film are Elizabeth Banks, David Denman and Jackson A. Dunn. They are not very well known, but they are still great to discover.

For those who are familiar with the film, it is reminiscent of The Village of the Damned (John Carpenter, 1995). Everything is peaceful, until it's too late. A bit like the frogs that don't notice that the water temperature is rising and die before they realize it's too late!

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In any case, the clever mix of horror and science fiction, the detour of pop culture, works wonderfully!