Carter, a suspenseful thriller


Carter is the new movie of the Korean director Joo Won, who is known for his rather muscular movies. This new movie will be released on August 5th and some fans are waiting for it !

To hit the nail on the head, the director uses well-known elements of the action film, which are not without reminding other films.

So, the hero, Carter, is a man with special skills, whose memory has been erased. In fact, we don't know how he lost his memory, but we do know that he can't remember anything. Fans of Robert Ludlum will easily recognize some of Jason Bourne's traits.

He is not going to try to recover his memory... He is guided by a mysterious voice in a mission filled with danger. At a distance, through an earpiece. Why is he doing this? He doesn't really have a choice.

The person behind the voice has implanted a bomb in his mouth. If he refuses to do it, it explodes and he dies.

But the mission in which he engages is just as deadly. Between fight scenes and chases, he may lose his skin!

So Carter goes along in the hope of getting his life back. But just like the viewer, he can't help but reflect on his forgotten identity, where he got all these skills, as well as the real purpose of his mission!

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