Elite, season 5 : the opinion of the internet users

Elite season 5

When it was released, Elite made a big impression on the public with its approach to the life of a high school student. Here we are in an elitist school, with rich kids who don't know how to have fun anymore.

Throughout the seasons, we have seen all this pretty world evolve with the murders. We have to admit that, deep down, we don't really want to join Las Encinas because of the probability of dying or being summoned by the police.

Elite season 5
Elite season 5, always more sex, drugs and incidentally murder...

Season 5 starts, as every season, on the images of a murder. We see Samuel dragging himself on the ground, bleeding. Horror, the writers were going to make our hero die! Then, over the course of the episodes, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, with parties, sex scenes and drugs. A debauchery which had not been reached until now and which is a little prejudicial to the story since this one has difficulty in weaving itself by these long cuts of teenage parties, which have nothing more innocent.

Did all this convince the fans of the series? This is what we find out:


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